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Monday, August 31, 2015

1:30-3:35 p.m.

Track 7: Investigation of Reflood Phenomena in Partially Blocked Core with Fuel Relocation

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

1The R&D PERFROI Project on Thermal Mechanical and Thermal Hydraulics Behaviors of a Fuel Rod Assembly during a Loss of Coolant Accident

Georges Repetto, Cristina Dominguez, Benoit Durville, Sebastien Carnemolla (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire), Nicolas Tardif (LGCIE INSA Lyon), Damien Campello (LaMCoS-INSA Lyon), Michel Gradeck (Laboratoire d’Energétique et de Mécanique Théorique et Appliquée)

15Experimental Study for Effects of Ballooning and Power Peak on a Coolability of Fuel Rod Bundle

Jongrok Kim, Sang-Ki Moon, Jongrok-Kuk Park, Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI)

24Core Coolability in Loss of Coolant Accident: The COAL Experiments

Georges Repetto, Christophe Marquie, Benoit Bruyere, Tony Glantz (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire)

38Extended Study of Coolability of VVER Bundle with Ballooned Region

Imre Nagy, Zoltán Hózer, Tamás Novotny, Péter Windberg, András Vimi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Track 7: Thermal Hydraulic Experiments and Numerical Analysis in Support of MYRRHA—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

47Thermal-Hydraulic Study of the LBE-Cooled Fuel Assembly in the MYRRHA Reactor: Experiments and Simulations

Julio Pacio (KIT), Heleen Doolaard, Ferry Roelofs (NRG), Katrien Van Tichelen (SCK/CEN), Thomas Wetzel (KIT)

61Experimental Investigation of the Pressure Loss Characteristics of the Full-Scale MYRRHA Fuel Bundle in the COMPLOT LBE Facility

Graham Kennedy, Katrien Van Tichelen (SCK/CEN), Heleen Doolaard (NRG)

74Fuel Pin Bundle Experimental Characterization in HLM Large Pool System

Daniele Martelli (Univ of Pisa), Mariano Tarantino (ENEA), Nicola Forgione (Univ of Pisa), Ivan Di Piazza (ENEA), Gianluca Barone, Morena Angelucci (Univ of Pisa), Pietro Agostini (ENEA)

86CFD Pre-Test Analysis of the Fuel Pin Bundle Simulator Experiment in the NACIE-UP HLM Facility

Ivan Di Piazza (ENEA Brasimone R.C.), Ranieri Marinari (Univ of Pisa)

101Experimental Fuel Pin Bundle Characterization in the NACIE-UP HLM Facility

Ivan Di Piazza (ENEA Brasimone R.C.), Morena Angelucci, Nicola Forgione (Univ of Pisa), Giuseppe Polazzi, Valerio Sermenghi, Mariano Tarantino, Daniel Giannotti, Lorenzo Laffi, Stefano Cati (ENEA)

Track 7: Advances in Enhancement, Understanding and Prediction of CHF and Quenching—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

113Development of CHF Mapping Method for Fin Structured Surface

Jinyoung Choi, Hee C. No (KAIST)

127Effects of Various Thin Film Coating Techniques on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer

Gwang Hyeok Seo, Hong Hyun Son, Uiju Jeong, Gyoodong Jeun, Sung Joong Kim (Hanyang Univ)

139Effect of Oxide Layer Thickness on the Pool Boiling Critical Heat Flux of Pre-Oxidized RPV Material

Hong Hyun Son, Uiju Jeong, Gwang Hyeok Seo, Gyoodong Jeon, Sung Joong Kim (Hanyang Univ)

153Effects of Coating Structure by Al2O3 Nanoparticles Deposition on Critical Heat Flux of R123 in Flow Boiling

Seok Bin Seo, In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

166Quenching Performance in Nanofluids and Nanoparticles-Deposited Surfaces

Kyung Mo Kim, In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

Track 4: Addressing Scaling Issues

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

177The Dynamical System Scaling Methodology

Jose N. Reyes, Jr. (NuScale Power LLC)

192The Dynamical System Scaling Methodology: Comparing Dimensionless Governing Equations with the H2TS and FSA Methodologies

Jose N. Reyes, Jr. (NuScale Power LLC), Cesare Frepoli (FPoliSolutions LLC), Joseph P. Yurko (NuScale Power LLC)

207Scaling Analysis for DVI Line Break Accident of APR1400 based on ATLAS Experiment

Erol Bicer, Alin Tatu (KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School), Heeran Ko (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., LTD), Taewan Kim (KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School)

217Core Exit Temperature Response during an SBLOCA Event in the Ascó NPP

Jordi Freixa, Víctor Martínez-Quiroga, Francesc Reventós (Technical Univ of Catalonia)

231Analysis of Kv in Power-to-Volume Scaling. Application to a SBLOCA Transient

Andrea Querol Vives, Sergio Gallardo, Gumersindo Verdu (Univ Politècnica de València)

Track 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics—I

Session Organizer: Si Young Lee (SRNL)

245Large Eddy Simulation of Non-Isothermal Turbulent Flow Past a Circular Cylinder

Sasan Salkhordeh (Univ of Pittsburgh), Anirban Jana (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), Mark L. Kimber (Univ of Pittsburgh)

252Overview of the TRIOCFD Code: Main Features, V&V Procedures and Typical Applications to Nuclear Engineering

Pierre-Emmanuel Angeli, Ulrich Bieder, Gauthier Fauchet (CEA)

266Wall Resolved Large Eddy Simulation of a Flow Through a Square-Edged Orifice in a Round Pipe at RE=25000

 Sofiane Benhamadouche, Wadih James Maalouf, Mario Arenas (EDF R&D)

280Large-Scale Simulation of Nuclear Reactors: Issues and Perspectives

Elia Merzari, Paul Fischer, Andrew Siegel, Justin Walker, Yiqi Yu, Noah Halford (ANL)

298Modeling of Fluctuating Fluid Forces Exerted on the Walls of a Concentric Annular Pipe Using Large Eddy Simulation

Saptarshi Bhattacharjee (CEA/Aix-Marseille Univ), Guillaume Ricciardi (CEA), Stephane Viazzo (Aix-Marseille Univ)

Track 3: CHF and Post CHF Heat Transfer, Flooding and CCFL

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

311ORFEOTM—A CHF Correlation Form Applied to GAIA, AREVA’s Advanced PWR Fuel Assembly Design

Ole Wieckhorst (AREVA GmbH), Richard L. Harne, Mihnea S. Anghelescu (AREVA Inc.), Harry Gabriel (AREVA GmbH), Olivier Martinie (AREVA SAS)

324COBRA-TF Evaluation and Application for PWR Steamline Break DNB Analysis

Yixing Sung, Vefa Kucukboyaci, Liping Cao (Westinghouse), Robert Keith Salko (ORNL)

338Study on Critical Heat Flux with Non-Uniform Axial Heat Flux Distributions During Lifetime in Reactor Core

Dawei Zhao, Wenxing Liu, Yuanfeng Zan, Wanyu Xiong, Zumao Yang (RETH, Nuclear Power Inst of China)

352A Validation of Westinghouse Mechanistic and Empirical Dryout Prediction Methods Under Realistic BWR Transient Conditions

Oscar Puebla Garcia (Deloitte Consulting S.L.), Jean-Marie Le Corre (Westinghouse Electric Sweden)

365An Updated Approach to the Prediction of Dryout and Void Fraction for RBWR Bundles

Xingang Zhao, Koroush Shirvan, Yingwei Wu, Mujid S. Kazimi (MIT Univ)

Track 1: Interfacial Area Transport (Data Base, Modeling, Measurement Techniques)

Session Organizer: Yang Liu (Virginia Polytech Inst & State Univ)

379CFD Prediction of Subcooled Boiling with Advanced Mechanistic Models of Interfacial Area Transport Equation

V. T. Nguyen (Hanoi Univ of Science and Technology), C.-H. Song (KAERI), C. T. Tran (Vietnam Atomic Energy Inst)

389Evaluation of Interfacial Area Transport Equation in Coupled Two-Fluid Model Computation

J. P. Schlegel (Missouri Univ Sci Tech), T. Hibiki (Purdue Univ), X. Shen (Kyoto Univ), S. Appathurai, H. Subramani (Chevron Energy Technology Co.)

403Interfacial Area Density Measurement using a Three-Layer Wire-Mesh Sensor

H.-M. Prasser, S. Stucki, (ETH Zurich), T. Betschart (Paul Scherrer Inst), J. Eisenberg (ETH Zurich)

419Statistical Characteristics of Free Falling Water Film

A. A. Nikoglou, E. P.  Hinis, S. E. Simopoulos (National Technical Univ of Athens)

433Evaluating Performance of Two Group Interfacial Area Transport Equation for Large Diameter Pipes

A. Dave, A. Manera (Univ of Michigan), M. Beyer, D. Lucas (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

Track 5: Modeling and Experiments of Severe Accidents—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

446Melcor Analysis of Early Containment Venting Risk in a Severe Accident Scenario of Boiling Water Reactor

Huimin Zhang, Zheng Huang, Weimin Ma (KTH)

458Development of an In-Vessel Severe Accident Analysis Code MIDAC

Longze Li, Yapei Zhang, Wenxi Tian, G. H. Su, Suizheng Qiu (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

471Phenomenological Modeling Approach to Anisotropic Ablation in Molten Core Concrete Interactions

Kyoungmin Kang, Michael L. Corradini (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

484Melt-Concrete Interface Heat Transfer Models and Coolability Models: KWU PWR Analyses with MELCOR/CORCON and CORQUENCH

Adolf Rydl, Bernd Jaeckel (Paul Scherrer Inst), Jens-Uwe Kluegel, Pascal Steiner (Kernkraftwerk Goesgen)

Track 1: Fundamental Thermal-Hydraulic: General—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

499Numerical Studies of O2 Leak Modeling in Sodium-CO2 Heat Exchanger in the SFR Coupled with the S-CO2 Brayton Cycle

Hwa-Young Jung, Jeong Ik Lee (KAIST), Myung-Hwan Wi (KAERI)

508Numerical Modeling of the Two-Phase Underexpanded Reactive CO2-into-Sodium Jets in the Frame of Sodium Nuclear Fast Reactors

Daniele Vivaldi (CEA), Frederic Gruy (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Etienne), Christophe Perrais (CEA)

520Development and Verification of Behavior of Tritium Analytic Code (BOTANIC)

Min Young Park, Eung Soo (Seoul Natl Univ)

533Development of a Mechanistic Evaluation Method for Wastage Environment Under Sodium-Water Reaction Accident

Akihiro Uchibori, Hiroyuki Ohshima (JAEA)

545Effects of Surface Orientation on Wall Heat Flux Partitioning During Nucleate Pool Boiling of Saturated Water at Atmospheric Pressure

 Satbyoul Jung, Hyungdae Kim (Kyung Hee Univ)

Track 4: NPP Transient and Accident Analysis—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

559TRACE/PARCS Analysis of ATWS with Instability for a MELLLA+ BWR/5

Lap-Yan Cheng (BNL), Peter Yarsky (NRC), Joo Seok Baek, Arantxa Cuadra, Arnold Aronson, David Diamond (BNL)

575Use of White Noise in TRACE/PARCS Analysis of ATWS with Instability

Tarek Zaki, Peter Yarsky (NRC)

587Axial Conduction Nodalization for TRACE/PARCS Analysis of ATWS with Instability Peter Yarsky, Matthew Hardgrove (NRC)

Peter Yarsky, Matthew Hardgrove (NRC)

597Sensitivity to TMIN in TRACE/PARCS Analysis of ATWS with Instability

Peter Yarsky (NRC)

611Control Rod Drop Transient: Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Thermal-Hydraulic Variables using a 3D Model with TRACE V5.0P3/PARCS 3.0

 Carles Mesado Melia, Marina Garcia Fenoll, Rafael Miro Herrero (ISIRYM), Gumersindo Verdu (UPV)

Monday, August 31, 2015

4:00-6:30 p.m.

Track 7: CFD Benchmark of NESTOR High Fidelity PWR Rod Bundle Data at In-Core Conditions

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

627Overview of CFD Round Robin Benchmark of the High Fidelity Fuel Rod Bundle NESTOR Experimental Data

Daniel M. Wells (EPRI), Pierre Peturaud (Independent Contractor), Suresh Kumar Yagnik (EPRI)

640Application of CD-ADAPCO Best Practices to NESTOR OMEGA MVG Benchmark Exercises Using STAR-CCM+

Eric Volpenhein, Robert Brewster (CD-Adapco), Emilio Baglietto (MIT), Cassandra Carpenter (CD-Adapco), Jeffry Smith (Toyota Racing Development)

653Validation of AREVA’s Best Practices in the Round Robin CFD Benchmark

Mathieu G. Martin, Thomas Keheley (AREVA Inc), Klaus Vogel, Kevin Goodheart (AREVA GmbH), Anca Hatman (AREVA Inc), Alexandre Chatelain (AREVA NP SAS)

667Westinghouse CFD Modeling and Results for EPRI NESTOR CFD Round Robin Exercise of PWR Rod Bundle Testing

Michael E. Conner, Zeses Karoutas, Yiban Xu (Westinghouse)

679Pressure Drop Predictions Using Code_Saturne in NESTOR CFD Benchmark

Sofiane Benhamadouche (EdF R&D)

692CFD Methodologies for a PWR Fuel Rod Assembly

Ted Blowe, Shin Kyu Kang, Yassin Hassan (Texas A&M)

Track 7: Hydrogen Management after Fukushima—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

711Hydrogen Management Strategies and Analysis Codes Implemented by the OECD Member Countries

Zhe Liang (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories), Martin Sonnenkalb (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit), Ahmed Bentaib (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire), Marco Sangiorgi (EC JRC)

724Hydrogen Risk Assessment—CFD Model Validation and Reactor Scale Application

D. C. Visser, N. B. Siccama, E. M. J. Komen (NRG), T. L. J. Keij, J. G. T. te Lintelo (EPZ)

737Hydrogen Combustion Benchmark Using Experiment in Double-Compartment Experimental Vessel

Giovanni Manzini (RSE SpA), Ivo Kljenak (Jozef Stefan Inst), Lubica Kubisova (Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic), Mantas Povilaitis (Lithuanian Energy Inst)

749Validation of Two Turbulent Flame-Speed Closure Models for Slow and Fast Hydrogen Deflagration

Tadej Holler (Jožef Stefan Inst), Varun Jain, Ed M. J. Komen (Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group)

761Operational Experience of Ceramic Honeycomb Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner as a Hydrogen Mitigation System

Chang-Hyun Kim, Je-Joong Sung, Sang-Jun Ha (KHNP), Phil-Won Seo (Ceeracomb, Co., Ltd.)

771Validation and Application of the REKO-DIREKT Code for the Simulation of Passive Auto-Catalytic Recombiners (PARs) Operational Behavior

Ernst-Arndt Reinecke, S. Kelm (FzJ), M. Klauck (RWTH Aachen Univ), P.-M. Steffen (FzJ), H.-J. Allelein (RWTH Aachen Univ)

Track 1: Experimental Measurement Techniques and Flow Visualization—I

Session Organizer: Philippe M Bardet (The George Washington Univ)

785Investigations on Centrifugal Pumps under Air Entrainment Conditions

Thomas Schäfer, André Bieberle, Uwe Hampel (HZDR)

797Study of Two-Phase Pipe Flow using the Axial Wire-Mesh Sensor

Arto Ylonen, Juhani Hyvarinen (Lappeenranta Univ of Technology)

807Measurement of Wall Temperature Fluctuations During Thermal Mixing of Non-Isothermal Water Streams

Henryk Anglart, Mattia Bergagio, Stellan Hedberg, Stefan Rydstrom (KTH), Wiktor Frid (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)

819Distributed Temperature Sensor Testing in Liquid Sodium

Craig D. Gerardi, Nathan Bremer, Darius D. Lisowski, Stephen W. Lomperski (ANL)

829Tomographic Reconstructions and Predictions of Radial Void Distribution in BWR Fuel Bundle with Part-Length Rods

Magnus Ahnesjö, Peter Andersson (Uppsala Univ), Jean-Marie Le Corre, Stig Andersson (Westinghouse Electric Sweden)

841Mesh Sensor for High Temperature High Pressure Applications

John Kickhofel, Horst-Michael Prasser (ETHZ), Karthick Selvam, Eckhart Laurien, Hermann Huber (Univ of Stuttgart)

Track 2: Multiscale Multiphysics Applications in Thermal Hydraulics—I

Session Organizer: R. Brian Jackson (TerraPower)

854Application and Validation of AREVA’s Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Methods and Codes for PWR Level III Crud Risk Assessment

Santosh Bhatt (Areva Inc.), John Jones, Ryan Swanson, Stephen Palzewicz (AREVA Inc.), Lanfranco Monti (AREVA NP SAS), Galina Sieber (AREVA GmbH)

868Comparison of Overlapping and Separate Domain Coupling Methods

Timothy Paul Grunloh, Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

882Multi-Scale Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of Safety Systems of Advanced PWRs using the CUPID Code

Han Young Yoon (KAERI), Hyoung Kyu Cho (Seoul Natl Univ), Jae Jun Jeong (Pusan National Uniy), Chul-Hwa Song, Ik Kyu Park (KAERI)

896Towards a Coupled Simulation of Thermal Hydraulics and Neutronics in a Simplified PWR with a 3x3 Pin Assembly

Anni Schulze, Hans-Josef (RWTH Aachen Univ), Stephan Kelm (FzJ)

908Analysis of Improved Fuel Rod Modeling in Coupled Thermal-Hydraulics/Neutronics Calculations

Ana Jambrina Gomez, Mine Yilmaz, Maria N. Avramova, Kostadin N. Ivanov (Penn State)

926A Control Theory Approach to Adaptive Stepsize Selection for Coupled CFD and CRUD Chemistry Simulations

Daniel J. Walter, Victor Petrov, Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan), Brian Kendrick (LANL)

Track 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics—II

Session Organizer: Si Young Lee (SRNL)

940Phase-Field Modeling of Binary Eutectic Alloy Solidification With Convection

Stefan Meyer, Ivan Otic, Xu Cheng (KIT)

952Assessment of OpenFOAM CFD Toolbox for Gravity driven Turbulent Mixing Flows in a Reactor Pressure Vessel

Riccardo Puragliesi (Scherrer Inst), Qing Zhou (CEA), Omar Zerkak, Andreas Pautz (Scherrer Inst)

966Validation of CFD-Codes for Natural Convection and Condensation Phenomena in Containments with German THAI-Experiments

Joern Stewering, Berthold Schramm, Martin Sonnenkalb (Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit)

979Investigation of Plenum-to-Plenum Heat Transfer and Gas Dynamics under Natural Circulation in a Scaled Down Dual Channel Module Mimicking Prismatic VHTR Core with using CFD

Muthanna H. Al Dahhan (Missouri Univ of Science and Technology), P. Jain (ORNL), S. Usman (Missouri Univ of Science and Technology), Rizwan Uddin (Univ of Illinois), I. A. Said (Missouri Univ of Science and Technology), M. M. Kao (Univ of Illinois), M. M. Taha (Missouri Univ of Science and Technology)

996Thermal-Hydraulic Design and CFD Analysis of Fuel Assembly for China Lead-Based Research Reactor

Tao Zhou, Zengfang Ge, Shuyong Liu, Yunqing Bai, Yong Song (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

1006Numerical Analysis of Core Thermal-Hydraulic for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors

Alain Conti, Antoine Gerschenfeld, Yannick Gorsse, Thierry Cadiou, Romain LaVastre (CEA)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (General)—I

Session Organizer: W. David Pointer (ORNL)

1020Liquid Metal Heat Transfer Under Low Peclet Number Conditions

Hiroyasu Mochizuki (Univ of Fukui)

1033Experimental Study of Gas Entrainment from Surface Swirl

Brahim Moudjed, Lionel Rossi, Roland Riva, Jacques Excoffon (CEA)

1041Analysis of Natural Circulation Tests in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO

Kunihiko Nabeshima, Norihiro Doda, Takero Mori, Hiroaki Ohira, Hiroyuki Ohshima (JAEA), Takashi Iwasaki (NESI Inc.)

1050Development of Optical Fiber Instrumentation for use in Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors Matthew

T. Weathered, Mark Anderson (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

1060Numerical Analyses on the Safety Aspects of KASOLA Test Facility

Hristo V. Hristov, Thorsten Hollands (GRS), Maxime Haselbauer, Wadim Jaeger, Wolfgang Hering (KIT)

Track 1: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals—I

Session Organizer: Seungjin Kim (Penn State)

1074Thermal Hydraulics Analysis for Cooling Tower Performance

Si Young Lee, Alfred J. Garrett (SRNL)

1088Transient Convective Boiling: Analysis of Experimental Results

Nicolas Baudin (IRSN), Catherine Colin (IMFT), Pierre Ruyer (IRSN), Julien Sebilleau (IMFT)

1102Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Single Air Bubble Rising in Narrow Rectangular Channel

Liqin Zhang, Yanping Huang, Mingliang Song, Yuanfeng Zan, Junfeng Wang, Yanlin Wang (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

1116Experimental and Analytical Study of Flashing Flow Through Steam Generator Tube Cracks

Shripad T. Revankar (Purdue Univ), Jovica R. Riznic (Canadian Nucl Safety Comm)

1130Development and Validation of A New Drift Flux Model in Rod Bundle Geometries

Ikuo Kinoshita, Toshihide Torige (Inst of Nulcear Safety System, Inc.), Minoru Yamada (MHI Nuclear Eng Co.,Ltd.), Takashi Hibiki (Purdue Univ)

1143Uncertainty Analysis of Delayed Equilibrium Model (DEM) using the CIRCE Methodology

Jean-Marie Seynhaeve (UCLouvain), Agnes De Crecy (CEA), Yann Bartosiewicz (UCLouvain)

Track 5: Severe Accidents: General

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

1157First Results of the Simulation of the Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 3 Accident for an Assessment of the Applicability and Capability of the Code ATHLET-CD

Christoph Bratfisch, Mathias Hoffmann, Marco K. Koch (RUB)

1170PHEBUS FPT-1 Simulation, using MELCOR: Blockage Model Analysis

Jun Wang, Michael L. Corradini, Troy C. Haskin (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

1183Analysis of the FeCrAl Accident Tolerant Fuel Concept Benefits during BWR Station Blackout Accidents

Kevin R. Robb (ORNL)

1196Determination of In-Vessel Retention under Molten Corium Pool Attack

D. Home, M. Chai (AMEC Foster Wheeler)

1210Effect of Particle Spreading on Coolability of Ex-Vessel Debris Bed

S. E. Yakush (Russian Academy of Sciences), A. Konovalenko, S. Basso, P. Kudinov (KTH)

Track 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics V&V—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

1223Large-Eddy Simulation of Thermal Striping in PLAJEST Experiment with Trio U

Pierre-Emmanuel Angeli (CEA)

1237CFD Simulations of Erosion of a Stratified Layer by a Buoyant Jet in a Large Vessel

Fatih Sinan Sarikurt, Yassin A. Hassan (Texas A&M)

1251Analysis of Panda Spray Experiments Performed in Two Interconnected Vessels with OpenFOAM

Nejdet Erkan, Koji Okamoto (Univ of Tokyo)

1261Transient Convection from Forced to Natural with Flow Reversal for CFD Validation

Blake W. Lance, Barton L. Smith (Utah State Univ)

1275CFD and Experimental Analysis of Single Phase Buoyancy Driven Counter-Current Flow in a Pipe

Frederic Sebilleau, Raad Issa, Simon P. Walker (Imperial College London), Anuj Kumar Kansal, Naresh Kumar Maheshwari (BARC)

Track 2: Core Thermal Hydraulics and Subchannel Analysis

Session Organizer: David L. Aumiller (BAPL)

1289Hot Fuel Element Thermal-Hydraulic Modeling in the Jules Horowitz Reactor Nominal and LOFA Conditions

Reijo Pegonen, Henryk Anglart (KTH Royal Inst of Technology), Serge Bourdon, Christian Gonnier (CEA, DEN, DER, SRJH)

1303Determination of the Pressure Loss Coefficient at the Control-Rod Guide Tube Flow-Hole for a PWR Nuclear Fuel Assembly by using CFD and Bernoulli Solutions

Dong-Yuan Sheng (Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB), Marcus Seidl (E.ON Kernkraft GmbH)

1316Design of High Power Density Annular Fuel Rod Core for Advanced Heavy Water Reactor

Abhijit Pandurang Deokule (Homi Bhabha National Inst), Alok Kumar Vishnoi, Arnab Dasgupta, Umasankari Kannan, Dinesh Chandraker, Pallipatu Krishnan Vijayan (BARC)

1324Evaluation of 1-D Void and Pressure Drop Models over a Wide Range of Fuel Bundle Geometries and Operating Conditions

Manuel Auliano (Norwegian Univ Sci Tech), Jean-Marie Le Corre (Westinghouse Electric Sweden)

1338On the Analytical Solutions and Numerical Verifications of Two-Phase Water Faucet Problem

Ling Zou, Haihua Zhao, Hongbin Zhang (INL)

1352Development of Burnup Dependent Fuel Rod Model in CTF

Mine Ozdemir Yilmaz, Maria N. Avramova (Penn State)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8:00-9:00 a.m.

Tuesday Keynote Session—I

1366Nuclear Safety and Thermal Hydraulics: Personal Thoughts and Some Recent Progress

George Yadigaroglu (ETH-Zurich), D. Lakehal (ASCOMP AG)

Tuesday Keynote Session—II

1379Thermal Hydraulics in FHRS: Key Similarities and Differences with LWRS

Per F. Peterson (Univ of California, Berkeley)

Tuesday Keynote Session—III

1380On the Use of (U)RANS and LES Approaches for Turbulent Incompressible Single Phase Flows in Nuclear Engineering Applications

S. Benhamadouche (EdF R&D)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Track 7: NEAMS Sponsored Advances in Thermal Hydraulics Modeling and Simulation

Session Organizer: Justin W. Thomas (ANL)

1394URANS Simulations of Thermal Stratification in a Large Enclosure for Severe Accident Scenarios

L. B. Carasik (Texas A&M), F. Sebilleau, S. P. Walker (Imperial College London), Y. A. Hassan (Texas A&M)

1408A High-Order System Thermal-Hydraulics Model for Advanced Reactor Safety Analyses

Rui Hu (ANL)

1422Coupled Calculations of SAS4A/SASSYS-1 and STAR-CCM+ for the SHRT-45R Test in EBR-II

Klaus Huber (KIT), Justin W. Thomas (ANL)

1435Steady and Unsteady Calculations on Thermal Striping Phenomena in Triple-Parallel Jet

Y. Q, Yu, E. Merzari, J. W. Thomas, A, Obabko (ANL)

1448Erosion of a Large-Scale Gaseous Stratified Layer by a Turbulent Round Jet S—Simulations with URANS and LES Approaches

A. Kraus, S. Aithal, A. Obabko, E. Merzari (ANL), A. Tomboulides (Western Macedonia Univ), Paul Fischer (Univ of Illinois)

1462Verification and Validation of Nek5000 for T-Junction, Matis , SIBERIA, and Max Experiments

Aleksandr Obabko (ANL), Paul Fischer (ANL/Univ of Illinois), Oana Marin, Elia Merzari (ANL), Dave Pointer (ORNL)

Track 7: Hydrogen Management after Fukushima—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

1474Simulation of Hydrogen Distribution in the Containment during a Severe Accident with Fast Hydrogen-Steam Release

D. Papini, M. Andreani, B. Ničeno, H.-M. Prasser (Paul Scherrer Institut), P. Steiner, J.-U. Klügel (Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-Däniken AG)

1488Re-Evaluation of PAR Concept in German PWR with Revised PAR Model

M. Sonnenkalb, S. Band, H. Nowack, S. Schwarz (GRS mbH)

1502Combined Effects of Cooler and Spray Activation on the Hydrogen Distribution in the Presence of a Jet Flow

D. Paladino, R. Kapulla, G. Mignot, S. Paranajpe (PSI)

1516A First Orienting Investigation of the Interaction of Cable Fire Products with Passive Auto-Catalytic Recombiners (PARs)

Ernst-Arndt Reinecke (FzJ), Ahmed Bentaib (IRSN), Jürgen Dornseiffer (FzJ), Daniel Heidelberg (RWTH Aachen Univ), Frank Morfin (CNRS), Pascal Zavaleta (IRSN), Hans-Josef Allelein (RWTH Aachen Univ/FzJ)

1530Hydrogen Safety: Laminar and Turbulent Flame Speed of Spherical Flame in a Fan-Stirred Closed Vessel

J. Goulier, N. Chaumeix (CNRS/ICARE), N. Meynet, A. Bentaïb (IRSN)

1540Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners (PAR) Induced Ignition and the Resulting Hydrogen Deflagration Behaviour in LWR Containments

Sanjeev Gupta, Teja Kanzleiter, Gerhard Poss (Becker Technol GmbH)

Track 1: Experimental Measurement Techniques and Flow Visualization—II

Session Organizer: Philippe M. Bardet (The George Washington Univ)

1554Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling and Validation of Swirling Flow in a Pipe with Classic Twisted Tape

Minseop Song, So Hyun Park, Eung Soo Kim (Seoul Natl Univ)

1566Flow Characterization within a Sphere-Packed Bed using PIV Measurement

Z. J. Hong, L. Xiong, N.X. Wang, W. Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

1573System Analysis and Isothermal Separate Effect Experiments of the Accident Behavior in PWR Spent Fuel Storage Pools

H. Chahi, W. Käestner, S. Alt (Univ of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz)

1587Local Parameters of Air-Water Two-Phase Flow at a Vertical T-Junction

 G. Monrós-Andreu, R. Martinez-Cuenca, S. Torró, S. Chiva (Univ Jaume I)

1601A Separate-Effect Test Facility for CFD-Grade Measurements of the RCCS Upper Plenum

Thien Nguyen, Victor Petrov, Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

1615High Resolution Experiments of Velocity and Concentration Fluctuations in a Jet Flow

Victor Petrov, Thien Duy Nguyen, Daniel Nunez, Dave Akshay, Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

Track 7: Issues and Advances in Thermal Hydraulic Research of FHRs

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

1629Development of the FHR Advanced Natural Circulation Analysis (FANCY) Code

Z. Guo, N. Zweibaum (Univ of California, Berkeley), M. Shao (LBNL), L. R. Huddar, P. F. Peterson (Univ of California, Berkeley), S. Qiu (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

1645Experimental Study of DRACS Thermal Performance in a Low-Temperature Test Facility

Q. Lv, H. C. Lin, X. Sun, R. N. Christensen, T. E. Blue (Ohio State), G. Yoder, D. Wilson (ORNL), P. Sabharwall (INL)

1659Experimental Strategy for the Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficients in Pebble-Beds Cooled by Fluoride Salts

L. Huddar, P. F. Peterson (Univ of California, Berkeley), R. O. Scarlat (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), Z. Guo (Xi’ian Jiaotong Univ/Univ of California, Berkeley)

1676Thermal Analysis of Pebble-Bed Reactors based on a Tightly Coupled Mechanical-Thermal Model

Yanheng Li, Wei Ji (RPI)

1688Design, Fabrication and Startup Testing in the Compact Integral Effects Test Facility in Support of Fluoride-Salt-Cooled, High-Temperature Reactor Technology

N. Zweibaum, J. E. Bickel, Z. Guo, J. C. Kendrick, P. F. Peterson (Univ of California, Berkeley)

1704Validation of Best Estimate Models for Fluoride-Salt-Cooled, High-Temperature Reactors Using Data from the Compact Integral Effects Test (CIET 1.0) Facility

N. Zweibaum, Z. Guo (Univ of California/Xi’an Jiaotong Univ), L. R. Huddar, P. F. Peterson (Univ of California, Berkeley)

Track 2: Containment Analysis (with V&V)

Session Organizer: Marco Pellegrini (Inst of Applied Energy)

1716Nuclear Reactor Containment Flows—Modelling of Stably Stratified Layer Erosion by a Turbulent Jet

L. Ishay, G. Ziskind (Ben-Gurion Univ of the Negev), U. Bieder (CEA), A. Rashkovan (NRCN)

1730Containment Analysis of Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Power Station using GOTHIC

O. E. Ozdemir, T. L. George, M. Marshall (Zachry Nuclear Engineering, Inc.)

1744Study of the Influence of the Design Parameters and Initial Condition of Passive Containment Cooling System

Yan Wang, Yaoli Zhang, Zhiwei Zhou (Tsinghua Univ), Yanning Yang (State Nuclear Power Technology Research and Development Centre)

1758A Lumped Parameter Modeling for Mixing and Stratification in a BWR Mark I Pressure Suppression Pool

O. E. Ozdemir, T. L. George (Zachry Nuclear Eng, Inc.)

1773Evaluation of Passive Containment Cooling with an Advanced Water Film Model in a Lumped-Parameter Code

Xi Huang, Xu Cheng (KIT), Walter Klein-Hessling (GRS)

1787Synthesis of the OECD/NEA-PSI CFD Benchmark Exercise

M. Andreani, A. Badillo, R. Kapulla, B. Smith (PSI)

Track 7: Passive Safety System and Accidents Measures

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

1802Using NASA’s GFSSP Code for Steady State and Transient Modeling of Gas Cooled Reactor Passive Safety Systems

Wesley C. Williams (Louisiana State Univ), Jeffrey McLean (CDI Corp.)

1811Feasibility Study of Hybrid Heat Pipe with Control Rod as Passive In-Core Cooling System for Advanced Nuclear Power Plant

Yeong Shin Jeong, Kyung Mo Kim, In Guk Kim, In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

1821Optimization Methodology for Large Scale Fin Geometry on the Steel Containment of a Public Acceptable Simple SMR (PASS)

Do Yun Kim, Hee Cheon No, Ho Sik Kim (KAIST)

1835Preliminary Design of the I2S-LWR Containment System

Mingjun Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ/Univ of Michigan), Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan), Matthew J. Memmott (Brigham Young Univ), John C. Lee (Univ of Michigan), Suizheng Qiu (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

1848Experimental Study and Validation of MARS Code for CCFL in Passive Emergency Core Cooling System (PECCS) of Public Acceptable Simple SMR (PASS) System

Ho Sik Kim, Mun Won Song, Hee Cheon No (KAIST)

1858Heat Removal Capacity of Heat Pipe Designs for In-Core Passive Decay Heat Removal System

Kyung Mo Kim, In Guk Kim, Yeong Shin Jeong, , In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

Track 1: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals—II

Session Organizer: Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

1870Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Viscous Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer

Byoung Jae Kim, Kyung Doo Kim (KAERI)

1879Qualification of CHF Test Facility at Stern Laboratories using Mitsubishi PWR Fuel

Y. Sato, J. Takeuchi (MHI), D. Komiyama, Y. Uno (Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.), R. A. Fortman, G. I. Hadaller (Stern Laboratories Inc.)

1888Measurements of the Vertical Distribution of the Void Fraction using X-ray Attenuation for Different Flow Regimes in a Horizontal Pipe

L. Rossi, R. De Fayard, S. Kassab (CEA)

1900An Experimental Study of Air-Water Pool Entrainment in High Gas Flux Region

Peng Zhang, Peipei Chen, Wei Li, Zhi Di, Lei Zhang, Xiao Hu, Yaheng Zou, Zhi Di (SNPTC)

1913Thermal-Hydraulic Study of Siphon Breaking Phenomenon on a Two-Phase Gas/Liquid Flow

P.-A. Douxchamps, C. Diakodimitris, C. Mandy, C. Angulo (Tractebel Eng)

1924Experimental Investigation of the High Performance Steam Injector Operation

Shuichiro Miwa, Yuto Takeya, Hiroto Endo, Michitsugu Mori (Hokkaido Univ)

Track 2: Computational Multi-Fluid Dynamics—I

Session Organizer: Emilio Baglietto (MIT)

1939Numerical Modeling of Horizontal Annular Flows using a Droplet Entrainment Model

Thomas Hoehne (HZDR)

1952Progress on Computation of Boiling Flow in Fuel Assemblies with NEPTUNE_CFD

Cyril Baudry, Nicolas Merigoux, Jerome Lavieville, Stephane Mimouni, Mathieu Guingo (EdF)

1966Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in a BWR Fuel Assembly with a Highly-Scalable CFD Code

Adrian Tentner, Prasad Vegendla, Aleks Obabko, Oana Marin, Elia Merzari (ANL)

1980Status and Challenges of CFD-Modelling for Poly-Disperse Bubbly Flows

Dirk Lucas, E. Krepper, R. Rzehak, Y. Liao, T. Ma, T. Ziegenhein (HZDR)

1992A Novel Approach for Turbulence Modeling of Wavy Stratified Two-Phase Flow

Matthias Benz, Thomas Schulenberg (KIT)

Track 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics V&V—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2006Validation of ANSYS CFX for Gas and Liquid Metal Flows with Conjugate Heat Transfer Within the European Project THINS

A. Aleksandrov Papukchiev, S. Buchholz (GRS mbH)

2020The Development of Surface Vortices in Strongly Rotating Flow in a Cylindrical Vessel: Numerical Simulation

F. Bloemeling (TUEV NORD Nuclear), S. Richter, M. Schlueter (Hamburg Univ of Technology)

2034A Methodology for Characterizing Representativeness in Power Plant Performance Indicator Measurements with CFD Simulations

U. Otgonbaatar, E. Baglietto, N. Todreas (MIT)

2048Tailored Experiments for Validation of CFD with FSI for Nuclear Applications

Eric Lillberg, Kristian Angele, Gustav Lundqvist (Vattenfall AB), Nicholas Edh (Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB)

2059Software Quality Assurance and V&V Procedure During the Development Stages of EdF CFD Tool Code_SATURNE: Focus on Verification Tests

J. Fontaine, M. Ferrand, E. Le Coupanec (EdF)

2073On the Liquid Metal Heat Transfer in Annular Channels: Review, Proposal and Validation of Empirical Models

W. Jaeger, W. Hering, M. Lux (KIT)

Track 3: Plant System Code Validation—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2087Assessment Study of RELAP5/SCDAP Capability to Reproduce Liquid Metal Tall Facility Thermal Hydraulic Behaviour

F. Fiori, Z. W. Zhou (Tsinghua Univ)

2103Validation of CATHARE Code on the 3D ROSA-LSTF Pressure Vessel

S. Carnevali, P. Bazin (CEA)

2117Recommendations of Two-Phase Critical Non-Flashing Flow Mixture Calculations in One-Dimensional System Code RELAP5

Lukasz Sokolowski (Inspecta Nuclear AB), Tomasz Kozlowski (Univ of Illinois)

2131Comparison of MARS-KS to COBRA-TF for Models and Correlations in Pre-CHF Regime

Min-Gil Kim, Wonwoong Lee, Jeong Ik Lee (KAIST), Young Seok Bang (KINS)

2143Preliminary Results of a Comparative Assessment of ATHLET-CD and MELCOR by Simulating the Experiment PHEBUS FPT1

Christian Bratfisch, Marco K. Koch (Ruhr-Univ Bochum)

2157Towards a Consolidated Approach for the Validation of Plant System Codes and Models: Case Study for a BWR Fast Depressurization Event

 A. Epiney, S. Canepa, O. Zerkak, H. Ferroukhi (PSI)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1:30 -3:35 p.m.

Special session: Celebrating Mujid Kazimi’s Legacy: 40 Years of Innovation in Nuclear Engineering

2171Development of a Societal-Risk Goal for Nuclear Power Safety

Caleb Roh, Vicki Bier, Michael Corradini, Shuji Liu (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), Robert Youngblood (INL), Gregory Hammond (AFIT)

Track 7: Thermal Hydraulic Experiments and Numerical Analysis in Support of MYRRHA—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2182Experimental Results from a Water Scale Model for the Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of a HLM Reactor

Chiara Spaccapaniccia, Philippe Planquart, Jean-Marie Buchlin (von Karman Inst), Matteo Greco, Fabio Mirelli, Katrien Van Tichelen (SCK/CEN)

2196CFD Benchmark for a Heavy Liquid Metal Fuel Assembly

H. J. Doolaard, A. Shams, F. Roelofs (NRG), K. Van Tichelen, S. Keijers (SCK/CEN), J. De Ridder, J. Degroote, J. Vierendeels (Ghent Univ), I. Di Piazza, R. Marinari (ENEA), E. Merzari, A. Obabko, P. Fischer (ANL)

2209Tracking of Fuel Particles After Pin Failure in Nominal, Loss-of-Flow and Shutdown Conditions in the MYRRHA Reactor

S. Buckingham, P. Planquart (von Karman Inst), K. Van Tichelen (SCK/CEN)

2223Pre-Test Computational Fluid Dynamics and System Thermal Hydraulics Calculations of The E-SCAPE Scaled LBE Pool Facility

M. Greco, F. Mirelli, S. Keijers, K. Van Tichelen (SCK/CEN)

2237MyrrhaFoam: A CFD Model for the Study of the Thermal Hydraulic Behavior of MYRRHA

Lilla Koloszar, Sophia Buckingham (Von Karman Inst), Steven Keijers (SCK/CEN) Wang, S. He (The Univ of Sheffield)

Track 7: Advances in Enhancement, Understanding and Prediction of CHF and Quenching—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2251Research on Flow Characteristics for the Optimal Design of Experiment for the Typical Pressured Water Reactor

G. L. Chen, Z. J. Zhang, Z. F. Tian, X. M. Dong (Harbin Engineering Univ)

2261Critical Heat Flux Enhancement Mechanism by Surface Modification based on Hydrodynamic Instability Mode

Han Seo, In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

2268Trend Analysis for Low Pressure Low Flow Tube CHF

Xirui Liu, Bao-Wen Yang, Yudong Zha (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

2279Development of a Mechanistic Critical Heat Flux Correlation

Jeffrey Luitjens, Qiao Wu (Oregon State Univ)

Track 7: Heat Transfer in Supercritical Flows

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2293Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Wire-Wrapped Rod Bundle Cooled with Supercritical Water

D. C. Visser, A. Shams, V. R. Bhimanadam (NRG)

2301Natural Convection Driven Heat Transfer in Fluids with Strongly Variable Properties: A Particle Image Velocimetry Study

V. Valori, G. E. Elsinga, M. Rohde, M. J. Tummers, J. Westerweel, T. H. J. J. van der Hagen (TU Delft)

2315Development and Validation of a Scaling Method for Supercritical Fluid Heat Transfer

X. J. Liu, X. Cheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ)

2324Experimental Study on the CO2 to Water Heat Exchanger Performance Near the CO2 Critical Point

Yoonhan Ahn, Seungjoon Baik, Jeong Ik Lee (KAIST)

2334Direct Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow at Supercritical Pressure in a Vertical Channel

W Wang, S. He (Univ o/Sheffield)

Track 7: Realistic BWR LOCA Evaluation: Methodology Development and Application

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2348BWR-4 LOCA Modeling with RELAP5

K. Nikitin, P. Mueller, J. Martin, W. van Doesburg (BKW Energie AG), D. Hiltbrand (Studsvik)

2362RELAP5 BWR-4 Model Development and Validation for NPP Mühleberg (KKM)

P. Mueller, K. Nikitin, W. van Doesburg (BKW Energie AG), D. Hiltbrand (Studsvik)


Samuel Lafountain, Baris Sarikaya, Jordan Hagaman, Phil Sharpe, Dan Pappone, Kurshad Muftuoglu (GE Hitachi), Willem van Doesburg, Konstantin Nikitin (BKW)

2389KKM TRACG Validation

Samuel Lafountain, Baris Sarikaya (GE Hitachi), Willem van Doesburg, Konstantin Nikitin (BKW)

2398TRACG Application on BWR/2 LOCA

G. Li, L. Klebanov, P. Sharpe, K. Muftuoglu, C. Heck (GE Hitachi)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Small Modular Reactors—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2413Ocean-Based Passive Decay Heat Removal in the Offshore Floating Nuclear Plant (OFNP)

J. Zhang, J. Buongiorno, M. Golay, N. Todreas (MIT)

2427Study of Safety and International Development of Small Modular Reactors (SMR)

S. Buchholz, A.- K. Kruessenberg, A. Schaffrath (GRS GmbH)

2441Experimental Research on Non-Condensable Gases Effects in Passive Decay Heat Removal System

Liu Yang, Jia Hai-jun (Tsinghua Univ)

2452Compact Steam Generator for Nuclear Application

G. Haratyk, K. Shirvan, M. S. Kazimi (MIT)

2466Passive Decay Heat Removal Capability of Fixed Bed Nuclear Reactor Fuel Chamber

Muhammad Rizaal, Koji Okamoto, Nejdet Erkhan (Univ of Tokyo)

Track 4: BEPU Analysis and Challenges in Licensing

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2477Non-Parametric Order Statistics: Providing Assurance of Nuclear Safety

M. A. Shockling (Westinghouse)

2491Reevaluation of Station Blackout Risk of OPR-1000 Nuclear Power Plant Applying Combined Approach of Deterministic and Probabilistic Method

Dong Gu Kang, Seung-Hoon Ahn (KINS)

250310 CFR 50.46c Rulemaking: A Novel Approach in Restating the LOCA Problem for PWRs

Cesare Frepoli, Joseph P. Yurko (FPoliSolutions LLC), Ronaldo H. Szilard, Curtis L. Smith, Robert Youngblood (INL)

2517Sampling Variance and Bias of Wilks’ Conservative Estimate of Confidence Intervals

J. P. Hessling (SP Technical Research Inst of Sweden), P. Hedberg (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)

2531Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of the OECD/NEA KALININ-3 Benchmark

I. Pasichnyk (GRS GmbH), S. Nikonov (VNIIAES), W. Zwermann, K. Velkov (GRS GmbH)

Track 5: Modeling and Experiments of Severe Accidents—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2541Capability of ASTEC V2.1 to Simulate a Severe Accident in a Nuclear Power Plant —Application to a TMI-2-Like Accident Scenario

P. Drai, P. Chatelard, L. Laborde, L. Piar, F. Fichot, G. Brillant (IRSN)

2557Enhancements in MAAP5.03+ MCCI and Corium Coolability Models and Benchmarks against OECD CCI Tests

Quan Zhou, Chan Y. Paik, Paul B. McMinn (Fauske & Associates, LLC)

2571Effects of Porous Superhydrophilic Surfaces on Flow Boiling Critical Heat Flux in IVR Accident Scenarios

Reza Azizian, Thomas McKrell, Kresna Atkhen (EdF), Jacopo Buongiorno (MIT)

2584Thermal Effects of Material Discontinuities and Oxidation on Graphite Matrix in HTGRs

Dan Gould, Hanwen Liu, Hitesh Bindra (Kansas State Univ)

2598Simulation of LIVE-L4 with ATHLET-CD

T. Hollands, C. Bals (GRS)

Track 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics V&V—III

Session Organizer: Bao-Wen Yang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

2611CFD Analysis of Non-Axial Flow in Fuel Assemblies

U. BIeder (CEA)

2624Verification, Validation and Application of Neptune _ CFD to Two-Phase Pressurized Thermal Shocks

N. Mérigoux, J. Laviéville, S. Mimouni, M. Guingo, C. Baudry, S. Bellet (EdF)

2644Multiphase RANS Simulations of Turbulent Bubbly Flows

M. Colombo, M. Fairweather (Univ of Leeds), S. Lo, A. Splawski (CD-adapco)

2658Application of RPI Model: Prediction of Subcooled Boiling and DNB in Vertical Pipes

Rui Zhang, Wenwen Zhang, Tenglong Cong, Wenxi Tian, G. H. Su, Suizheng Qiu (Xi’an Jioatong Univ)

2673Verification of Interface-Tracking Method with Manufactured Solution

Kei Ito, Hiroyuki Ohshima (JAEA), Tomoaki Kunugi (Kyoto Univ)

Track 4: NPP Transient and Accident Analysis—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2684Analysis of LOCA Scenarios in the NIST Research Reactor Before and After Fuel Conversion

Joo Seok Baek, Lap-Yan Cheng, David Diamond (BNL)

2699OSCARD Coupling Software for Main Steam Line Break Fault Analysis—Assessment of the Mixing Phenomena in the Vessel

Jérémie Galarin, Hugues Neyret-Duperray, Ouardia Touazi, Simon Pelissier (EdF)

2712Comparison of Thermal Hydraulic Analysis Methods (Codes) for the University of Florida Training Reactor (UFTR)

D. Springfels, K. A. Jordan, D. Schubring (Univ of Florida)

2725Conclusions on Boron Precipitation following a Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident

K. Umminger, B. Schoen, S. P. Schollenberger (AREVA GmbH)

2735Analysis of the SBLOCA on the Improved CPR1000 with Passive Systems

Zijiang Yang, Xiaofei Xiong, Junli Gou, Jianqiang Shan, Guomin Zhang, Li Ge (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

4:00-6:30 p.m.

Track 7: CFD Modeling of Fuel Assemblies: From High Fidelity to Low Resolution Models

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2747CFD Simulations to Determine the Effects of Deformations on Liquid Metal Cooled Wire Wrapped Fuel Assemblies

Eugeny Sosnovsky (Varian Medical Systems), Emilio Baglietto (MIT), Steven Keijers, Katrien van Tichelen (SCK/CEN), Thiago Cardoso de Souza, Heleen Doolaard, Ferry Roelofs (NRG)

2762Analysis of Pressure Drop in Rod Bundles in Heavy Liquid Metal

A. Batta, A. Class (KIT)

2774Calibration of High Fidelity Bare Rod Bundle Simulations for Various Prandtl Fluids

T. Cardoso de Souza, A. Shams, F. Roelofs (NRG), T. Kwiatkowski (National Center for Nuclear Research)

2788Investigating Reactor Components with the Coarse-Grid-Methodology

M. Viellieber A. Class (IKET)

2802Scaling Considerations About LWR Core Thermal Hydraulics

D. Bestion, L. Matteo (CEA)

2817High-Fidelity Numerical Reference Simulation of the Flow Through an Infinite Wire-Wrapped Assembly

A. Shams, F. Roelofs, E. M. J. Komen (NRG)

Track 7: Modelings and Experiments of IVR and Core Catcher Strategies

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

2830Detailed Analysis of Geometry Effect on Two Phase Natural Circulation Flow under IVR-ERVC

R. Park, K. S. Ha, H. Y. Kim (KAERI)

2844Analysis of APR1400 Core Degradation under Cavity-Flooded Condition using MELCOR

Kukhee Lim, Yongjin Cho (KINS)

2857Effect of Wettability and Two-Phase Flow Conditions on Flow Boiling CHF Enhancement for Slug Flow

Hae Min Park, Yong Hoon Jeong (KAIST)

2871Heat Removal Characteristics of IVR-ERVC Cooling System Using Gallium Liquid Metal

Seong Dae Park, Hyo Heo, In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

2881CHF Measurement for Downward Facing SUS 304 and Carbon Steel Plates under Atmospheric and Pool Boiling Conditions

Dong Hoon Kam, Hae Min Park, Young Jae Choi, Yong Hoon Jeong (KAIST)

Track 2: Multiscale Multiphysics Applications in Thermal Hydraulic—II

Session Organizer: Brian Jackson (Oregon State Univ)

2892Unprotected Transient Analyses of Natural Circulation LBE-Cooled Accelerator Driven Sub-Critical System

Gang Wang, Zhen Wang, Ming Jin, Yunqing Bai, Yong Song (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

2903Testing Coupled MCNP6/CTF on an Assembly Level Problem with an Acceleration Technique

A. Bennett, K. Ivanov, M. Avramova (PSU)

2917Multiscale Analysis of Forced and Natural Convection Including Heat Transfer Phenomena in the TALL-3D Experimental Facility

A. Papukchiev (GRS GmbH), C. Geffray (Technische Univ Muenchen), M. Jeltsov, K. Kööp, P. Kudinov, D. Grischenko (KTH)

2931Validation and Application of the 3D Neutron Transport MPACT within CASL VERA-CS

Brendan Kouchunas, Thomas J. Downar, Dan Jabaay (Univ of Michigan), Benjamin Collins, Shane Stimpson, Andrew Godfrey, Kang Seog Kim, Jess Gehin (ORNL), Scott Palmtag (Core Physics Inc.), Fausto Franceschini (Westinghouse)

2945Modeling of the Groundwater Transport Around a Deep Borehole Nuclear Waste Repository

N. Lubchenko, E. A. Bates, E. Baglietto, M. J. Driscoll, M. Rodriguez-Buño (MIT), R. Podgorney (INL)

Track 1: Subchannel Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Session Organizer: Hisashi Ninokata (Politecnico di Milano)

2958Numerical Investigation of Buoyancy-Aided Flow in Rod-to-Wall Gap Regions

Y. Duan, S. He (Univ of Sheffield)

2972RANS Simulation of Turbulent Swept Flow over a Wire in a Channel for Core Thermal Hydraulic Design

Byung-Hyun You, Yong Hoon Jeong (KAIST), Yacine Addad (Khalifa Univ)

2984Experimental and Computational Study of Ribbed Cladding for PWR Rod Bundles Heat Transfer Enhancement

L. A. Carrilho, M. B. Dzodzo (Westinghouse), J. A. Khan (Univ of South Carolina)

3005High Resolution Thermal Mixing at Westinghouse ODEN Loop

L. David Smith III, Paul F. Joffre (Westinghouse), Jean-Marie Le Corre, Fredrik Waldemarsson, Anders Hallehn, Henrik Tejne (Westinghouse Electric Co. Sweden AB)

3017An Initial Uncertainty Analysis on the Critical Heat Flux Evaluation for a Small-Scale Pressurized Nuclear Reactor using the COBRA Code

J. P. Duarte, J. R. C. Piqueira (Univ of São Paulo), P. F. Frutuoso e. Melo (Federal Univ of Rio de Janeiro)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (Transient Models and Validation)—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

3030EBR-II Passive Safety Demonstration Tests Benchmark Analyses—Phase 2

L. Briggs (ANL), S. Monti (IAEA), W. Hu (China Inst of Atomic Energy), D. Sui (North China Electric Power Unit), G. H. Su (Xi’an Jiatong Univ), L. Maas (Inst for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety), B. Vezzoni (KIT), U. Partha Sarathy (IGCAR), A. Del Nevo (ENEA), A. Petruzzi (Nuclear and Industrial Eng.), R. Zanino (Politecnico di Torino), H. Ohira (JAEA), H. Mochizuki (RINE), K. Morita (Kyushu Univ)

3044Simulations of the EBR-II Tests SHRT-17 and SHRT-45R

T. Sumner, A. Moisseytsev (ANL)

3058Transient Analysis of the ASTRID Demonstrator Including a Gas Nitrogen Power Conversion System with the CATHARE2 Code

F. Bertrand, G. Mauger (CEA)

3071Qualification of a RELAP5-3D© System Code Nodalization of EBR-II

A. Del Nevo (ENEA), E. Martelli (Univ of Rome “La Sapienza”)

3085Computational Thermal Hydraulics Schemes for SFR Transients Studies

Marie-Sophie Chenaud, L. I. Simon, Marine Anderhuber, Laura Matteo, Antoine Gerschenfeld (CEA)

Track 1: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals—III

Session Organizer: Seungjin Kim (Penn State)

3099Numerical Prediction of Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer with Molten Salt in Circular Pipe

Yushuang Chen, Zhongfeng Tang, Naxiu Wang (Chinese Academy of Science)

3111Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Mechanisms Under Exponential Power Excursion in Plate-Type Fuel

G. Su (MIT), M. Bucci (CEA), T. J. Mckrell , J. Buongiorno, (MIT)

3124Experimental Investigation of Critical Heat Flux for Zero and Natural Circulation Flow of Water in Three Rods Bundle near Atmospheric Pressure

Y. Aharon, I. Hochbaum (NRCN)

3134Numerical Investigations of a Spent Fuel Storage Pool in Abnormal Conditions

J.-P. Simoneau, B. Gaudron, Jérôme Laviéville, Julien Dumazet (EdF)

3148Thermal Shrinkage Based Model for Predicting the Voids during Solidification of Lead

Niranjan Gudibande, Kannan Iyer, (Indian Inst of Technology)

3162Experimental Investigation of Thermal Hydraulic Limits of BWR RCIC System Operation under Long-Term Operation

M. Solom, K. Vierow (Texas A&M), A. Nosek (NRC)

Track 2: Computational Multi-Fluid Dynamics—II

Session Organizer: Emilio Baglietto (MIT)

3176Numerical Study of Direct Contact Condensation of Steam on Stable Interface in a BWR Supression Pool Test Facility

G. Patel, V. Tanskanen, V. Rintala, J. Hyvärinen (Lappeenranta Univ of Technology)

3190Momentum Convection within the Staggered Grid Formulation

J. W. Lane, T. L. George (Zachry Nuclear Eng, Inc.)

3204Assessment of an Interfacial Shear Term for Adiabatic Dispersed Air-Water Two-Phase Flow with the Two-Fluid Model

S. L. Sharma, T. Hibiki, M. Ishii (Purdue Univ), J. P. Schlegel (Missouri Univ Sci and Technology), J. R. Buchanan, Jr., K. J. Hogan (Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp.), P. W. Guilbert (ANSYS UK Ltd)

3218A CFD Approach to Spacer Grid Optimization for Improved Dryout Performance in BWR Fuel Bundle

T. Strömgren, A. Zhezherun, Y. Le Moigne, J.-M. Le Corre, D. Y. Sheng, S. Perzon (Westinghouse Electric Sweden)

3231Modeling of Interfacial Momentum Exchange for Wall-Bounded Bubbly Flows

Jungwoo Kim (Seoul National Univ of Science and Technology) Donjoo Kim (Kumoh National Inst of Technology), Hyungmin Park, Jun Ho Lee (Seoul Natl Univ)

3240Modeling of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability for Steam Direct Contact Condensation

Marco Pellegrini, Masanori Naitoh (The Inst of Applied Energy), Colin Josey, Emilio Baglietto (MIT)

Track 5: Debris Bed Cooling

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

3255Experimental Investigations on the Coolability of Debris Beds under Variation of Inflow Conditions

S. Leininger, R. Kulenovic, E. Laurien (Univ of Stuttgart)

3269Unsteady Void Measurements Within Debris Beds using High Speed X-Ray Tomography

E. Laurien, T. Stürzel, M. Zhou (Univ of Stuttgart)

3279Validation of the MEWA Code Against POMECO-HT Experiments and Coolability Analysis of Stratified Debris Beds

Zheng Huang, Weimin Ma, Sachin Thakre (KTH)

3292Experimental Study of Pressure Drops in Coarse Particle Beds,

R. Clavier, N. Chikhi, F. Fichot (IRSN), M. Quintard (IMFT)

3306An Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics of Homogeneous and Stratified Debris Beds

Liangxing Li, Xumao Zou, Jiaojiao Lou, Huixiong Li, Xianliang Lei (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

3318First Experimental Results of Large Scale Debris Bed Reflood Tests in the PEARL Facility

Nourdine Chikhi, T. Garcin, F. Foubert, P. March, F. Fichot (IRSN)

Track 3: Plant System Code Validation—II

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

3336On the Definition of a Minimum Set of Requirements to Assess the Adequacy of the RELAP5-3D Multidimensional Flow Capability with Selected Canonical Problems

C. Frepoli, J. W. Fricano, J. P. Yurko (FPoliSolutions LLC), F. Buschman, D. Aumiller (BAPL)

3351Simulation of Faraday Waves with RELAP5-3D Thermal-Hydraulic Code

C. Frepoli, J. W. Fricano (FPoliSolutions LLC), F. Buschman, D. Aumiller (BAPL)

3365On the Level of Approximation of the Multi-Dimensional Potential Flow Solution in Complex Geometries with Thermal-Hydraulic System Codes

C. Frepoli, J. P. Yurko, J. W. Fricano (FPoliSolutions LLC), F. Buschman, D. Aumiller (BAPL)

3378Investigation of Multidimensional Flow Mixing Phenomena in the Reactor Pressure Vessel with the System Code ATHLET

P. Pandazis, S. C. Ceuca, P. J. Schoeffel, H. V. Hristov (GRS)

3392Assessment of TRACE/PARCS Benchmark Against Leibstadt Plant Data During the Turbine Trip Test

P. Papadolos, A. Sekhri (ETH Zurich), F. Giust (Axpo KN), P. Hidalga, R. Miró, T. Barrachina, G. Verdú (Univ Politècnica de València)

3406The CATHARE Code Condensation Modelling Confronted to the TOPFLOW-PTS Steady-State Experiments

Pierre Gaillard, Dominique Bestion, Isabelle Dor, Philippe Germain, Frederic Moutin (CEA-DEN-DM2S-STMF)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

8:00-9:00 am.

Wednesday Keynote Session—IV

3420System Thermal Hydraulics for DBA Analysis and Simulation Status of Tools and Methods and Direction for Future R&D

D. Bestion (CEA)

Wednesday Keynote Session—V

3451CFD Validation Experiments: What’s the Difference?

Barton L. Smith (Utah State Univ)

Wednesday Keynote Session—VI

3461Severe Accident Research in Japan After Accident at Fukushima Daiichi NPS

Jun Sugimoto (Kyoto Univ)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Poster Session—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

3475Six-Field Governing Equation Development for Advanced System Codes

Glenn Roth, Fatih Aydogan (Univ of Idaho)

3489Experimental and Numerical Study of Valves for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide BRAYTON Cycle

Haomin Yuan, Mark Anderson (Univ of Wisconsin)

3503Spatially-Resolved Measurement of Gas Phase Temperature and Velocity in the Subchannels of a Fuel Element during Dry-Out

Martin Arlit, C. Partmann (Technische Univ Dresden), E. Schleicher (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), U. Hampel (Technische Univ Dresden)

3511Experimental and Analytic Study of the Damped Rocking Movement of a Cylindrical Shell in a Flowing Annular Channel

Benoit Migot, A. Malon (AREVA NP), R .J. Gibert (RJG-Conseil)

3525An Experimental Study on the Quench Front Velocity and Temperature during Rewetting of a Hot Vertical Rod

Niki Lymperea, Andreas Nikoglou, Evangelos Hinis (National Technical Univ of Athens)

3539On the Use of Hybrid RANS/LES Methods for the Simulation of the Erosion of a Stratified Layer by a Turbulent Buoyant Jet

Fabien Duval (IRSN), Michael Le Bars (IRPHE)

3550Experimental and Theoretical Study of Iron Concentration on Clogging Phenomenon in Secondary Circuit of Pressurized Nuclear Power Plant

Alejandro Carlos Mourgues, Thierry Muller, Florian Pedler, Arelia Lassauce, Michael Guillodo, Philippe Dolleans (AREVA NP), Marylise Charon-Charles (AREVA)

3565A New Lumped Thermal Resistance Heat Transfer Model for Fuel Pin Structure

Shisheng Wang, Andrei Rineiski, Liancheng Guo (KIT)

3578Assessment of the Best Estimate Thermal Design Method using THALES Subchannel Code

Byeong Il Jang (KEPCO Nuclear Fuel), Hong Ju Kim, Beomjun Jang, Shane Park, Chong Kuk Chun (KEPCO NF)

3589Advanced Multiphysics Thermal-Hydraulics Models for the High Flux Isotope Reactor

Prashant K. Jain, James D. Freels (ORNL)

3604Non-Linear Eddy Viscosity Turbulence Modeling in Hydra-TH for Fuel Related Applications

Benjamin Lawrence Magolan, Emilio Baglietto (MIT), Mark A. Christon (LANL), Thomas M. Smith (SNL)

3618Diagnostic Techniques for Flow Induced Vibration

Shengjie Gong (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ), Fujun Gan (Shanghai Nucl Eng Research Design Inst), Yong Mei, Chi Wang, Hanyang Gu (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ)

3627A Supercritical Pressure Parallel Channel Natural Circulation Loop

Manish Sharma, Kapil Bodkha, D. S. Pilkhwal, P. K. Vijayan (BARC)

3644Quantification of Input Uncertainties Based on VEERA Reflooding Experiments

Torsti Ossian Alku (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)

3658Implementation of Strong Implicit Procedure for the Energy Equations in Subchannel Code ATHAS

Wenjie Ding, Jianqiang Shan, Bo Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

3668An Experimental Study on the Dynamics of a Liquid Film Under Shearing Force and Thermal Influence

Ke Wang, Youjia Zhang, Weimin Ma (Royal Inst of Technology)

3678Measurements of the Flow Distribution in Subchannels of a Wire Wrapped 37-Pin Rod Assembly

Seok-Kyu Chang, Dong-Jin Euh, Hae Seob Choi, Hyungmo Kim, Dong-Won Lee, Hyeong-Yeon Lee (KAERI)

3690CTF Residual Formulation Solid Liquid Coupling

Christopher A. Dances, Maria Avramova (Penn State), Vince Mousseau (SNL)

3703Visualization of Turbulent Thermal Mixing Structures in a Horizontal Stratified Condensing Flow

Seungtae Lee (KAERI)

3717The Impact of Vertical Acceleration on the Nonlinear Behaviors of Multiple Parallel Boiling Channels

Jin-Der Lee, Chin Pan, Shaw-Wen Chen (National Tsing Hua Univ)

3731Reactor Core Analysis at Low Flow Condition Using THALES Subchannel Code

Beomjun Jang, Chongkuk Chun, Joo Il Yoon, Byeong Il Jang (Kepco Nuclear Fuel), Dong Soo Song (KHNP)

3740Uncertainty Analysis of an Interfacial Area Reconstruction Algorithm

Akshay Dave, Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan), Dirk Lucas, M. Beyer (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), M. Prasser (ETH Zurich)

3754Experimental Investigation of Flat Plate Deflection Under Variable Velocity Parallel Flow

John C. Kennedy, Casey J. Jesse, Gerhard H. Schnieders, Gary L. Solbrekken (Univ of Missouri, Columbia)

3768Uncertainty Quantification of TRACE Wall Heat Transfer Modeling in Subcooled Boiling Using BFBT Experiments

Guojun Hu, Tomasz Kozlowski, Caleb Brooks (Univ of Illinois)

3779Steam Condensation in Packed Beds—An Experimental Study

Jacob Edwards, Daniel Gould (Kansas State Univ), Piyush Sabharwall (INL)

3793Validation of the Dryout Modelling Code, FIDOM

Dinesh Kumar Chandraker,  Arnab Dasgupta, A. K. Nayak, P. K. Vijayan (BARC), Kaushik Deshpande (Walchand College of Eng), S. P. Walker (Imperial College)

3802A Reevaluation of the Lift Force in Eulerian Multiphase CFD

R. Segrue, E. Baglietto (MIT)

3817Balance of Plant and Power Transmission for the Offshore Floating Nuclear Plant

Paolo Minelli, J. Buongiorno, M. Golay, N. Todreas (MIT)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Track 7: Advancements in Subchannel Analysis

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

3832COBRA-IE: A New Sub-Channel Analysis Code

David L. Aumiller, G. W. Swartele, M. J. Meholic, L. J. Lloyd, F. X. Buschman (BAPL)

3846Development of a Sub-Grid Liquid Jet Condensation Model

Francis X. Buschman, David L. Aumiller (BAPL)

3860A Discussion of Uncertainty Quantification for CHF as Performed in COBRA-IE

David L. Aumiller, Michael J. Meholic (BAPL)

3874An Assessment of Void Fraction Data with COBRA-IE

David L. Aumiller, Michael J. Meholic (BAPL)

3888Large Open Region Interfacial Drag Modeling Package in COBRA-IE

David L. Aumiller (BAPL), Jeffrey W. Lane (Zachry)

3901Assessment of Subchannel Code ASSERT-PV for Supercritical Applications

Yanfei Rao, Nihan Onder, Krishna Podila (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.)

Track 7: The NURESAFE European Project: Multiscale Thermal Hydraulic Analysis—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

3915CFD Simulation of the Departure from Nucleate Boiling

Ladislav Vyskocil, Jiri Macek (UJV Rez, a. s.)

3928Implementation and Assessment of the Delayed Equilibrium Model for Computing Flashing Choked Flows into a Multi-Field CFD Code

Matthieu Duponcheel, Jean-Marie Alexandre Seynhaeve, Yann Bartosiewicz (Univ Catholique de Louvain)

3940CFD Modelling of Chugging Condensation Regime of BWR Suppression Pool Experiments

Vesa Tanskanen, Giteshkumar Patel, Markku Puustinen, Elina Hujala, Riitta Kyrki-Rajamäki, Juhani Hyvärinen (Lappeenranta Univ of Technology)

3954Validation of CATHARE TH-SYS Code Against Experimental Reflood Tests

Sergii Lutsanych, Fabio Moretti, Francesco D’Auria (Univ of Pisa)

3968Experimental Evaluation of Local Bubble Parameters of Subcooled Boiling Flow in a Pressurized Vertical Annulus Channel

In-Cheol Chu, Seung Jun Lee, Young Jung Youn, Jong Kuk Park, Hae Sup Choi, Dong Jin Euh, C.-H. Song (KAERI)

3979Development and Assessment of a Method for Evaluating Uncertainty of Input Parameters

Andriy Kovtonyuk (Tractebel Eng), Sergii Lutsanych (Univ of Pisa), Alessandro Petruzzi (NINE), Fabio Moretti (Univ of Pisa)

Track 7: OECD/NEA Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

3993An Approach Toward Evaluation of FP Behaviors in NPPs Under Severe Accidents

Shunsuke Uchida, Masanori Naitoh, Hidetoshi Okada, Marco Pellegrini (Inst of Applied Energy), Masahiro Osakabe (Tokyo Univ of Marine Science and Technology), Andrea Achilli (SIET), Yukio Hanamoto (KAKEN)

4005Fukusima Core Melt Composition Simulation with ASTEC

Herve Bonneville, L. Carenini, M. Barrachin (Inst de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)

4019Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Analysis: The Modeling of Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants

Luis E. Herranz, Claudia Lopez del Pra, Joan Fontanet, Elena Fernandez (CIEMAT)

4033Analysis for Progression of Accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station with THALES2 Code

Toshinori Matsumoto, Jun Ishikawa, Yu Maruyama (JAEA)

4044Source Term Estimation for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident by Combined Analysis of Environmental Monitoring and Plant Data Through Atmospheric Dispersion Simulation

Haruyasu Nagai, Hiroaki Terada, Masamichi Chino, Genki Katata, Satoshi Mikami, Kimiaki Saito (JAEA)

4053Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS: Best Estimate Case Comparison

Marco Pellegrini (The Inst of Applied Energy)

Track 1: Boiling and Condensation Fundamentals—I

Session Organizer: Caleb S. Brooks (Univ of Illinois)

4069Numerical Study of Heat Diffusion Controlled Bubble Growth in a Pressurised Liquid

Giovanni Giustini, Janani Sree Murallidharan (Imperial College London), Yohei Sato, Bojan Niceno (Scherrer Inst), Vittorio Badalassi, Simon Walker (Imperial College London)

4083Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Phenomenon of Annular Heat Pipe for Passive In-Core Cooling System

In Guk Kim, Kyung Mo Kim, Yeong Shin Jeong, In Cheol Bang (UNIST)

4097Treatment of Nucleation and Bubble Dynamics in High Heat Flux Boiling

Yang Liu, Nam T. Dinh (NCSU)

4112Modeling and Validation of Forced Convection Subcooled Boiling,

Dillon R. Shaver, Michael Z. Podowski (RPI)

4126A Study of Heat Transfer Mechanisms and Flow Characteristics for Single Rising Taylor Bubbles

Jungho Kim, Alex Scammell (Univ of Maryland)

4139Improvement of Wall Surface Temperature Evaluation Procedure During Subcooled Nucleate Boiling in Non-Empirical Boiling and Condensation Model

Yasuo Ose (Yamato System Engineer Co., Ltd.), Tomoaki Kunugi (Kyoto Univ)

Track 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics—III

Session Organizer: Si Young Lee (SRNL)

4153Calibration and Optimization of Pressurized Thermal Shock for Benchmarking Direct Numerical Simulation

Gemma Damiani, D. Rosa, Afaque Shams, E. M. J. Komen (NRG), E. Merzari, A. Obabko, P. Fischer (ANL)

4167A Generalized Turbulent Dispersion Model for Bubbly Flow Numerical Simulation in NEPTUNE_CFD

Jerome Lavieville, Nicolas Merigoux, Mathieu Guingo, Cyril Baudry, Stephane Mimouni (EdF R&D)

4182Numerical Study of Bubble Coalescence in Sub-Cooled Flow Boiling

Eyitayo Owoeye, DuWayne L. Schubring (Univ of Florida)

4196CFD Evaluation of OECD PSBT Geometry Effects Based on Fluid Temperature Measurements

Yiban Xu, Yixing Sung, Emre Tatli (Westinghouse)

4208CFD Modeling of Mixing Phenomena for Pressurized Thermal Shock Analysis on the DOWNCOMER of WWER-440

Maro Aghazarian, Tsolak Malakyan, Ashkhen Nalbandyan, Armen Amirjanyan (Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center)

4219Implementation and Validation of a Surface Tension Model for the Multi-Scale Approach GENTOP

Gustavo A. Montoya, Emilio Baglietto (MIT), Dirk Lucas (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (Severe Accidents and Sodium-Water Reactions)—III

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

4233Simulation of GR19 Sodium Boiling Experiments with CATHARE 2 System Code and TRIO_U MC Subchannel Code

Marine Anderhuber, Antoine Gerschenfeld, Nicolas Alpy, Jorge Perez, Jean-Marie Seiler (CEA)

4247Assessment of RANS at Low PRANDTL Number and Simulation of Sodium Boiling Flows with a CMFD Code

Stephane Mimouni, C. Baudry, M. Hassanaly, J. Lavieville, N. Mechitoua, N. Mérigoux (EdF R&D), V. Heisel (ENSEEIT)

4261SLIMM Decay Heat Removal by Natural Circulation of Ambient Air

Luis Palomino, Mohamed S. El-Genk (Univ of New Mexico)

4275Numerical Investigation of Self-Wastage Phenomena in Steam Generator of Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor

Sunghyon Jang, T. Takata, A. Yamaguchi (Osaka Univ), A. Uchibori, A. Kurihara, H. Ohshima (JAEA)

4289A Visual Study of Molten Metal Fuel Coolant Interactions Under an Initial Phase of SFR Severe Accident using Gallium Metal vs Water or R123

Hyo Heo, Seong Dae Park (Ulsan Natl Inst Sci Tech), Dong Wook Jerng (Chung-Ang Univ), In Cheol Bang (Ulsan Natl Inst Sci Tech)

4299Single and Two-Phase Sodium Flow Analysis for two TUCOP CABRI Tests Using the ASTEC-Na Code

Sara Perez-Martin, Werner Pfrang (KIT), Giacomino Bandini, Stefano Ederli, Carlo Parisi (ENEA)

Track 1: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals—IV

Session Organizer: Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

4313Experimental Study of Pressure Drop and Modelling of Interfacial Shear for Vertical Annular Flow

Liang-ming Pan, Hui He, Yao Wu (Chongqing Univ), Peng Ju, Takashi Hibiki, Mamoru Ishii (Purdue Univ)

4323Theoretical Analysis of the Characteristics of Critical Heat Flux in Vertical Narrow Rectangular Channels Under Motion Conditions

Mengmeng Xi, Wenxi Tian, Siyang Huang, Guanghui Su, Suizheng Qiu (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ), Dongxiao Du (Shanghai Nucl Eng Research Design Inst)

4337Detailed Measurements of Local Parameters in Annular Two-Phase Flow in Fuel Bundle under BWR Operating Conditions

Jean-Marie Le Corre, Anders Hallehn, Henryk Tejne, Uffe Bergmann, Fredrik Waldemarsson (Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB), Boel Morenius (KTH), Ramine Baghai (RBI Instrumentation)

4352Heat Loss Evaluation in Large Scale Rod Bundle CHF Experiments

Baowen Yang, Hui Zhang, Bo Zhang, (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

4366Study on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in Horizontal-Rectangular-Narrow-Flat Flow Channel

Yasuo Koizumi (JAEA), Koji Ohira (Japan Steel Works Ltd.)

Track 3: Experiments and Data Bases for Assessment and Validation (including of 3D Models)

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

4380TRACG Analysis and Results of Phase 1 of the OECD/NEA Oskarshamn-2 BWR Stability Benchmark

Haley Michelle Cowen, Scott Pfeffer, Juswald Vedovi, Lander Ibarra, David Vreeland, Dana Miranda (GE Hitachi Nuclear)

4394Experimental Characterization of Interchannel Mixing Through a Narrow Gap

Simo A. Makiharju, Steven L. Ceccio (Univ of Michigan), John R. Buchanan, Alexander G. Mychkovsky, Kevin J. Hogan, Kirk T. Lowe (Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp.)

4410Assessment of Multi-Dimensional Component of Mars with Air-Water Cross Flow Experiment

Jin-Hwa Yang, Chi-Jin Choi, Hyoung-Kyu Cho, Goon-Cherl Park (Seoul Natl Univ), Dong-Jin Euh (KAERI)

4424Validation of CATHARE 3 Code on the PIERO Experiment

Roberto Freitas (IRSN), Yann Di Pasquale (CS-SI)

4436Turbulent Gas Mixing in Strong Density Stratified Shear and Non-Shear Flows

Benedikt Krohn, Medhat Sharabi (Paul Scherrer Inst), Bojan Niceno, Horst-Michael Prasser (Paul Scherrer Inst/ ETH Zürich), Henny Bijleveld, Afaque Shams, Ferry Roelofs (NRG)

4450A Natural Circulation Experiment of Passive Residual Heat Removal Heat Exchanger for AP1000

M. Duan, Y. Chen, Y. Lv, W. Li, K. Bi, W. Wang, K. Du (China Inst of Atomic Energy)

Track 5: Hydrogen and Fission Product Behavior

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

4462Erosion of a Confined Stratified Layer by a Vertical Jet-Detailed Assessment of a CFD Approach Against the OECD/NEA PSI Benchmark

Stephan Kelm (FjZ), Ralf Kapulla (Paul Scherrer Inst), Hans-Josef Allelein (RWTH Aachen Univ)

4476Development and Qualification of an Aerosol Generator for Investigations Under Thermal-Hydraulic Severe Accident Boundary Conditions

Bjoern Alexander Krupa (Inst for Reactor Safety and Reactor Technology), Paul-Martin Steffen (Safety Research and Reactor Technology), Jeffrey Kobalz, Hans-Josef Allelein (Inst for Reactor Safety and Reactor Technology)

4490Parametric Study on Density Stratification Erosion Caused by a Horizontal Steam Jet Interacting with a Vertical Plate Obstruction

Sidharth Paranjape, Ralf Kapulla, Guillaume Mignot, Domenico Paladino (Paul Scherrer Inst)

4504Calculation of the Probability of DDT during Severe Accidents

Wison Luangdilok, E. van Heerden, P. McMinn (Fauske & Assoc, LLC)

4516Three Dimensional Scalable All-Speed CFD Code Gasflow-MPI: Applications to Turbulent Combustion of Premixed Hydrogen-Air Mixtures with Heat and Mass Transfer

Jianjun Xiao (KIT), John R. Travis (Eng and Scientific Software Inc.), Reinhard Redlinger, Mike Kuznetsov, Anatoly Svishchev, Wolfgang Breitung, Thomas Jordan (KIT)

Track 3: Plant System Code Validation—III

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

4529Evaluation of RELAP5/MOD3.2 for ACP1000 Passive Residual Heat Removal System

Houjun Gong, Zhao Xi, Yanping Huang (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

4540Simulation of Esprit of Hualong Secondary Passive Residual Heat Removal System by Using RELAP5

Feng Li (Science and Technology on Reactor System Design Technology Laboratory)

4548Validation of RELAP5/MOD3.3 Against a Load Step Transient at RINGHALS 4 NPP

Jozsef Banati (Chalmers Univ of Technology), Magnus Holmgren (Ringhals AB)

4562Development of TALL-3D Test Matrix for APROS Code Validation

Ignas Mickus, Kaspar Kööp, Marti Jeltsov, Dmitry Grishchenko, Pavel Kudinov (KTH), Jari Lappalainen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

4576Validation of MARS-LMR Code for Heat Transfer Models in the DHRS of the PGSFR

Chiwoong Choi, Kwiseok Ha (KAERI)

4590Reactor Core Isolation Cooling TRACG Model

Sam Lafountain (GE Hitachi), Charles Heck (Global Nuclear Fuels), Necdet Kurul (GE Hitachi)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

1:30-3:35 p.m

Track 7: Corium Research Platform: Past and Future—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

4604Severe Accident Facilities for European Safety Targets,

Alexei Miassoedov (KIT) Christophe Journeau (CEA), Sevostian Bechta (KTH), Zoltan Hozer (MTA EK), Dario Manara, David Bottomley (EC-JRC-ITU), Monika Kiselova (UJV), Gert Langrock (AREVA)

4617Needs for Large Mass Phototype Corium Experiments: The PLINIUS-2 Platform

Christophe Journeau, Laurence Buffe, Jean Fram;ois Haquet, Pascal Pi/uso, Guy Willermoz (CEA)

4631Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Ex-Vessel Prediction: Core-Concrete Interaction

Kevin R. Robb, Matthew W. Francis (ORNL), Mitchell T. Farmer (ANL)

4646Key Findings and Remaining Questions in the Areas of Core-Concrete Interaction and Debris Coolability

Mitchell T. Farmer, Steve Lomperski, Craig Gerardi, Nathan Bremer (ANL), Sud Basu (NRC)

4661Reactor Safety Gap Evaluation of Accident Tolerant Components and Severe Accident Analysis

Mike Corradini (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), Phillip Ellison (GE Power and Water), Mitchell T. Farmer (ANL), Matthew Francis (ORNL), Jeff Gabor (Erin Engineering), Randy Gauntt (SNL), Roy Linthicum (Exelon Corp.), Chan Paik, Martin Plys (Fauske and Associates LLC), Cristian Rabiti (INL), Joy Rempe (Rempe and Assoc LLC), Kevin Robb (ORNL), Richard Wachowiak (EPRI)

Track 7: Thermal Hydraulic Experiments and Numerical Analysis in Support of MYRRHA—III

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

4675Transient Analyses for the MYRRHA-FASTEF Reactor by SIMMER Code

Morena Angelucci, M. Eboli, N. Forgione (Univ of Pisa), G. Bandini (ENEA)

4689CFD and Experimental Investigation of Sloshing Parameters for the Safety Assessment of HLM Reactors

Konstantinos Myrillas, Philippe Planquart, Jean-Marie Buchlin (von Karman Inst), Marc Schyns (SCK/CEN)

4703Influence of the 3-D Phenomena on the Safety Parameters during a ULOF Accident in the MYRRHA Reactor

Francesco Andreoli (Univ of Pisa), Dario Bisogni, Francesco Belloni, Guy Scheveneels, Katrien Van Tichelen (SCK/CEN)

4717Numerical Analysis of MYRRHA Control Rod System Dynamics

Graham Kennedy (SCK/CEN), Maria Manuela Profir, Vincent Moreau (CRS4)

4731Safety Analysis of the MYRRHA Reactor

Diego Castelliti, Katrien Van Tichelen, Gert Van den Eynde, Baudouin Arien (SCK/CEN)

Track 4: Instabilities and Nonlinear Dynamics

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

4745A Method to Prevent Severe Power and Flow Oscillations in Boiling Water Reactors

Yousef M. Farawila (Farawila et al., Inc.)

4757TRACE/SIMULATE-3K Analysis of the NEA/OECD Oskarshamn-2 Stability Benchmark

Abdelhamid Dokhane, Omar Zerkak, Hakim Ferroukhi (Paul Scherrer Inst), Ivan Gajev (Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency), Jerry Judd (Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.), Tomasz Kozlowski (Univ of Illinois)

4771Simulation of the Inadvertent Rod Cluster Control Assembly Bank Withdrawal at Power for ANGRA I NPP using an LQR Digital Controller

M. A. Bayout Alvarenga (National Commission of Nuclear Energy), J. A. C. Canedo Medeiros, J. J. Rivero Oliva, Paulo Fernando F. Frutuoso e Melo (COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

4784A Physical Mechanism for Rotating Lines of Symmetry in BWR Out-of-Phase Limit Cycle Oscillations

Aaron Wysocki, Annalisa Manera, Thomas Downar (Univ of Michigan), Jose March-Leuba (ORNL)

Track 1: Boiling and Condensation Fundamentals—II

Session Organizer: Caleb S. Brooks (Univ of Illinois)

4798Influence of Boiling Initiation Surface Superheat on Subcooled Water Flow Boiling Critical Heat Flux in a SUS304 Circular Tube at High Liquid Reynolds Number

Koichi Hata (Kyoto Univ), K. Fukuda (Kobe Univ.), S. Masuzaki (NIFS)

4812Subcooled Boiling-Induced Vibration of a Single Heater Rod Confined with Metallic Walls

Kenji Takano, Yusuke Hashimoto, Tomoaki Kunugi, Takehiko Yokomine, Zensaku Kawara (Kyoto Univ)

4826Roles of Boiling Surface Characterized by Micro-Structures on Boiling Heat Transfer and Critical Heat Flux

Seol Ha Kim, Jun Young Kang, Hyun Sun Park, Moriyama Kiyofumi, Moo Hwan Kim (POSTECH)

4838Observation of CHF Phenomena Based on a Visualization of Near Wall Boiling Structure in Vertical Narrow Channel Submerged in a Pool

In-Cheol Chu, Dong Jin Euh, Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI)

4848Microlayer Models for Nucleate Boiling Simulations: The Significance of Conjugate Heat Transfer

Susann Haensch (Imperial College London), Chidu Narayanan, Sylvain Reboux (ASCOMP GmbH), Giovanni Giustini, Simon Peter Walker (Imperial College London)

Track 2: Accuracy and Uncertainty Analysis

Session Organizer: Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

4862A Methodology for Global Sensitivity Analysis of Transient Code Output Applied to a Reflood Experiment Model using TRACE

Damar Canggih Wicaksono (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Omar Zerkak (Paul Scherrer Inst), Andreas Pautz (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

4880Nodalization Schemes for Lumped-Parameter Calculations of Representative Nuclear Reactor Severe Accident Tests in the MISTRA Facilty

Sonia Benteboula, Frederic Dabbene (CEA)

4894Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of COBRA-TF for the OECD LWR UAM Benchmark using DAKOTA

Nathan W. Porter, Maria N. Avramova, Kostadin N. Ivanov (Penn State)

4907Use of Deterministic Sampling for Uncertainty Quantification in CFD

Peter Karl Martin Hedberg (SSM), Peter Jan Hessling (SP Technical Research Inst of Sweden)

4921Scaling Issues for the Experimental Characterization of Reactor Coolant System in Integral Test Facilities and Role of System Code as Extrapolation Pool

Fulvio Mascari, Felice De Rosa (ENEA), Hideo Nakamura (JAEA/Nuclear Safety Research Center), Klaus Umminger (AREVA), Francesco D’Auria (Univ of Pisa / San Piero a Grado Nuclear Research Group

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics of Advanced Reactors: General

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

4935Conceptual Design of Tritium Removal Facility for FHRs

Xiao Wu, David J. Arcilesi., Xiaodong Sun, Richard Christensen (Ohio State Univ), Piyush Sabharwall (INL)

4949Study on Startup Characteristics of Heat Pipe Cooled Space Reactor

Yuan Yuan, Jianqiang Shan, Bin Zhang, Junli Gou, Bo Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

4961Accident Analysis of Heat Pipe Cooled Space Reactor

Yuan Yuan, Jianqiang Shan, Bin Zhang, Junli Gou, Bo Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

4972Characterization of Tritium Transport in the FLibe-Graphite System, for In-Situ Tritium Absorption by the Fuel Elements of the Fluoride-Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor (FHR)

Michael Charles Young, Huali Wu, Raluca O. Scarlat (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

4987Preliminary Analysis of the Afterheat Removal in Pebble Bed Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactors Under Accident Conditions

Qiming Li, Shende Sun, Wen Zhou, Naxiu Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Track 1: Natural Circulation, Passive Safety Systems and Related Phenomena —I

Session Organizer: Paolo Ferroni (Westinghouse)

4994Passive Decay Heat Removal System Design for the Integral Inherent Safety Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR)

Mingjun Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ/Univ of Michigan), Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan), Matthew J. Memmott (Brigham Young Univ), Suizheng Qiu (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

5008Experimental Study of Laminar Mixed Convection in a Rod Bundle with Mixing Vane Spacer Grids

Lokanath Mohanta, Fan-Bill Cheung (Penn State), Stephen M. Bajorek, Kirk Tien, Chris L. Hoxie (NRC)

5020Heat Transfer Analysis of Horizontal U-Shaped Heat Exchanger Submerged in a Pool using MARS Code

Seongsu Jeon, Soon-Joon Hong (Inst of Future Energy Technology), Hyoung-Kyu Cho, Goon-Cherl Park (Seoul Natl Univ)

5034Numerical Simulation of Air Natural Circulation and Thermal Radiation in Passive Containment System

Weizhong Zhang, Qian Lin (Shanghai Nucl Research Design Inst)

5044Analysis of Reverse Flow in Low-Rise Inverted U-Tube Steam Generator of PWR Factel Facility

O-P Kauppinen, V. Riikonen, V. Kouhia, J. Hyvarinen (Lappeenranta Univ of Technology)

Track 5: Modeling and Experiments of Severe Accidents—III

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5058Analytical Modelling of the Primary Phase of an Unprotected Loss of Flow

Jean-Baptiste Droin, Nathalie Marie, Frederic Bertrand (CEA), Elsa Merle-Lucotte (CNRS-IN2P3)

5072COPRA Experiments on Natural Convection Heat Transfer with High RAYLEIGH Numbers

Luteng Zhang, Yukun Zhou, Yapei Zhang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, Guanghui Su (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

5084Enhancement of Downward Facing Boiling Heat Transfer by the Cold Spray Technique

Faruk Ahmed Sohag, F. R. Beck, L. Mohanta, F. B. Cheung, A. E. Segall, T. J. Eden, J. Potter (Penn State)

5098Modeling of Ex-Vessel Melt Pool Coolability Under Bottom Flooding with Decay Heat Simulation

Nitendra Singh (Homi Bhabha National Inst), Parimal P. Kulkarni, Arun K. Nayak (BARC)

5112MAAP BWR and PWR Lower Plenum Model Improvements

Sung Jin Lee, Basar Ozar, Chan Y. Paik, Quan Zhou, Paul McMinn, Michael Epstein (Fauske & Associates, LLC)

Track 4: Operation and Safety of Existing Reactors: General—I

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

5126On the Aspect of Evaluation of Critical Channel Power and Associated Uncertainty in CANDU Slow Loss of Regulation Event Analysis

Yujun Guo, N. Hammouda (Canadian Nucl Safety Comm)

5137Experimental Test Facility Data Synthesis with the Dynamical System Scaling Methodology

Cesare Frepoli, Joseph P. Yurko (FPoliSolutions LLC), Jose N. Reyes (NuScale Power LLC)

5152Demonstration of Test Facility Design Optimization with the Dynamical System Scaling Methodology

Cesare Frepoli, Joseph P. Yurko (FPoliSolutions LLC), Jose N. Reyes (NuScale Power LLC)

5169A Top-Down Scaling Analysis for the ROSA-IV/LSTF Integral Effects Test Facility to Support Applying the WCOBRA/TRAC-TF2 System Code to a Three-Loop Small Break LOCA

Jun Liao, Katsuhiro Ohkawa (Westinghouse STD)

5183LBLOCA Uncertainty Analysis using META Models

Jose Felipe Villanueva, Francisco Sánchez-Sáez, Ana Isabel Sánchez, Sebastián Martorell (Univ Politècnica de Valéncia)

Track 4: NPP Transient and Accident Analysis—III

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5194Sources and Effects of Non-Condensable Gases in Reactor Coolant System of LWR

Pavel Kral (UJV Rez, a. s.), Juhani Hyvarinen (Lappeenranta Technical Univ), Andrej Prosek (Jožef Stefan Inst), Attila Guba (MTA Centre for Energy Research)

5209Analysis of the AP1000® Passive Containment Cooling System Air Flow Path Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Richard F. Wright, Xu Hong, Megan Durse (Westinghouse STD), Todd Sutton (Westinghouse)

5222Application of CFD Towards the Thermo-Hydraulic Analysis of Spent Fuel Pool Accidents

Ronald Oertel, Eckhard Krepper, Dirk Lucas (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

5236Thermal-Hydraulic Design and Transient Analysis of Passive Air Cooling System for CPR1000 Spent Fuel Storage Pool

Li Ge, Junli Gou, Jianqiang Shan, Bin Zhang, Bo Zhang, Zijiang Yang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

5250Assessment of Station Blackout Mitigation Strategy Applying the Ultimate Response Guideline to MAANSHAN PWR

Che-Hao Chen, Kai-Chun Huang, Shao-Wen Chen (Natl Tsing Hua Univ), Jong-Rong Wang, Chunkuan Shih (Nuclear and New Energy Education and Research Foundation), Show-Chyuan Chiang, Chia-Chuan Liu (Taiwan Power Co.), Hao-Tzu Lin (INER)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

4:00-6:05 p.m.

Track 7: Addressing the GSI-191: Progress in Methodologies and Technologies—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5263Experimental Observations of Boric Acid Precipitation Scenarios

Rodolfo Vaghetto, Saya Lee, Yassin A. Hassan, Ernie John Lowry Kee (Texas A&M)

5275Overview of the Flume Integral Effects and Separate Effects Testing and Analysis (FIESTA) Facility for Investigating Containment Debris Transport and Sump Strainer Head Loss

Cody Williams, Daniel P. LaBrier, Edward D. Blandford (Univ of New Mexico)

5289Investigation of the Release of Zinc in the Reactor Sump and the Behavior of Dissolved Zinc at Hotspots in the Reactor Core after a Loss of Coolant Accident

Stefan Renger, Soeren Alt, Wolfgang Kaestner, Andre Seeliger (Univ of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz), Holger Kryk (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

5303Conventional and Chemical Head Loss Modeling of Multi-Constituent Debris Beds in Resolution of GSI-191

Amir F. Ali, Edward D. Blandford (Univ of New Mexico)

5317The Effect of Electric Potential on Fibrous Debris Bypass Through a Containment Sump Strainer

Saya Lee, Rodolfo Vaghetto, Jean Lim, Matthew J. Kappes, Yassin A. Hassan (Texas A&M)

Track 7: Important Severe Accident Research Issues after Fukushima Accidents

Session Organizer: Jun Sugimoto, P.E. (Kyoto Univ)

5327Plinius Prototypic Corium Experimental Platform: Major Results and Future Works

Viviane Bouyer, Nathalie Cassiaut-Louis, Pascal Fouquart, Pascal Piluso (CEA, DEN, Cadarache, SMTA/LPMA)

5341Thermal Hydraulic Safety Research at JAEA after the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Station Accident

Taisuke Yonomoto, Yasuteru Sibamoto, Takeshi Takeda, Akira Sato, Masahiro Ishigaki, Satoshi Abe, Yuria Okagaki, HaoMin Sun, Daisuke Tochio (JAEA)

5353New AESJ Thermo-Hydraulics Roadmap for LWR Safety Improvement and Development after Fukushima-Daiichi Accident

Hideo Nakamura (JAEA /Nuclear Safety Research Center), Kenji Arai, Hirohide Oikawa (Toshiba), Tadashi Fujii (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Engineering), Shigemitsu Umezawa (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry), Yutaka Abe (Univ of Tsukuba), Jun Sugimoto (Kyoto Univ), Seiichi Koshizuka, Akira Yamaguchi (Univ of Tokyo)

5367Molten Core Relocation Analysis of CORA-17 and CORA-18 for SAMPSON/MCRA Validation

Andrea Prestigiacomo (Politecnico di Milano), Marco Pellegrini, Alessandro Costa, Masanori Naitoh (The Inst of Applied Energy), Hisashi Ninokata (Politecnico di Milano)

Track 7: Advancements in SFR Thermal Hydraulics

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5380Benchmark Analysis of EBR-II Protected Loss-of-Flow Transient

Ivan Horvatovic, Chirayu Batra, Marco Cherubini, Alessandro Petruzzi, Francesco D’Auria (Gruppo di Ricerca Nucleare San Piero a Grado), Tomislav Bajs (Enconet d.o.o.)

5391Pseudo 3-D Full-Core Conjugate Heat Transfer Modeling of Sodium Fast Reactors

Rui Hu, Yiqi Yu (ANL)

5405Experimental Evaluation on Sodium-to-Air Heat Exchanger Performance for PGSFR Design Code Validation

Sujin Yeom, Jonggan Hong, Jae-Hyuk Eoh, Jong-Man Kim, Youngil Cho, Min-Hwan Jung, Da-Young Gam, Tae-Joon Kim, Inkoo Hwang, Jewhan Lee, Ji-Young Jeong, Chungho Cho (KAERI)

5416Structure-Based Resolution of Turbulence for Sodium Fast Reactor Thermal Striping Applications

Michael Acton, Giancarlo Lenci, Emilio Baglietto (MIT)

5430Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of a 7-Pin Sodium Fast Reactor Fuel Bundle with a New Pattern of Helical Wire-Wrap Spacer

Seong Dae Park, Sung Bo Moon, Seok Bin Seo, In Cheol Bang (UNIST), R. Robb (ORNL)

Track 5: Natural Convection and Mixing Phenomena, Modeling and Experiments

Session Organizer:. Elia Merzari (ANL)

5445Natural Convection Heat Transfer Characteristics of KUR Fuel Assembly during Loss of Coolant Accident

Daisuke Ito, Yasushi Saito (Kyoto Univ)

5456Performance of Hydrogen Mitigation Systems for a Scaled Accident Scenario: Overview of Ercosam Project Experimental Results for the Panda Facility

Guillaume Mignot, Ralf Kapulla, Sidharth Paranjape, Domenico Paladino (Paul Scherrer Inst)

5470Benchmark of LIVE Experiments with MAAP5.04 Alpha

Basar Ozar, Sung J. Lee, Michael Epstein, Chan Y. Paik (Fauske & Assoc LLC)

5484Investigation of MCCI Phenomena with Multi-Physics MPS Simulation

Penghui Chai, Nedjet Erkan, Masahiro Kondo, Koji Okamoto (Univ of Tokyo)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Small Modular Reactors—II

Session Organizer: W. David Pointer, Ph.D. (ORNL)

5498Experimental Stability Maps for a BWR-Type Small Modular Reactor

Shanbin Shi, Yuchen Lin, Won Sik Yang, Mamoru Ishii (Purdue Univ)

5512Applying Uncertainty and Sensitivity on Thermal Hydraulic Subchannel Analysis for the Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor

Adam Brigantic, Wade R. Marcum (Oregon State Univ)

5526NRELAP5 Predictions of KAIST High Pressure Condensation Data Using Existing and Extended Shah Condensation Correlation

Pravin Sawant, John Marking, Claudio Delfino (NuScale Power LLC)

5536Comparison of COBRA-TF and VIPRE-01 Against Low Flow Code Assessment Problems

Azat Galimov, Claudio Delfino (NuScale Power LLC), Michael Bradbury (Information Systems Laboratories, Inc.), Garry Gose (Zachry Nuclear Eng, Inc), Robert Keith Salko (ORNL)

5546Analytical Stability Analogue for a Single-Phase Natural Circulation Loop

Yousef M. Farawila, Donald R. Todd (Farawila et al., Inc.), Maurice J. Ades (NuScale Power, LLC)

Track 1: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals—V

Session Organizer: Seungjin Kim (Penn State)

5559Characterization of Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow

Ran Kong, Seungjin Kim (Penn State)

5573Effects of Steam-Water vs. Air-Water Fluid Pairs and Pressure on Flooding in Large Diameter Tubes

Karen Vierow, Nicholas Mohammed (Texas A&M), David Aumiller (BAPL)

5587Inlet Effects on Vertical-Downward Air-Water Two-Phase Flow

Shouxu Qiao, Daniel Mena, Seungjin Kim (Penn State)

5601Flow Structure in Core Catcher Cooling Loop Through an Inclined-to-Vertical Elbow Bend

Ki-Won Song, Nguyen T. Hung, Hyun Sun Park, Shripad T. Revankar (POSTECH), Bo W. Rhee, Kwang Soon Ha, Rae-Joon Park, Jin Ho Song (KAERI)

5614Onset of Flow Instability Due to the Mergence of Facing Bubble Layers in a Vertical Narrow Rectangular Channel

Juhyung Lee, Soon Heung Chang, Yong Hoon Jeong (KAIST)

Track 5: Modeling and Experiments of Severe Accidents—IV

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5627CHF Experiment of RPV Lower Head with Real Surface Material for ERVC-IVR Strategy

Wei Lu, Ming Zhang, Teng Hu, Huajian Chang (State Nuclear Power Research Inst)

5637Turbulent Convection Experiment to Support IVR Strategy

Ma Li, Jing Li, Shui Ji, Huajian Chang (State Nuclear Power Technology Research & Development Centre)

5648Model Development of UO2-ZR Plate Fuel Behavior at Early Phase of Severe Accident and Molten Fuel Meat Relocation

Zhang Zhuohua, Peng Shinian (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

5658Live Experiments on the In-Vessel Melt Pool Behaviour with Different External Cooling Conditions and the Simulation Results with a Coupled MELCOR-PECM Approach

Philipp Dietrich, Xiaoyang Gaus-Liu, Alexei Miassoedov, Frank Kretzschmar, Andreas Class (KIT)

5672Heat Up and Potential Failure of BWR Upper Internals during a Severe Accident

Kevin Banfield (GE Hitachi Nuclear)

Track 4: Operation and Safety of Existing Reactors: General—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5687Safety Margins after Failure of Fuel Cladding during Protected Loss-of-Heat-Sink Accidents in a Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor

Yoshitaka Fukano (JAEA), Masahiro Nishimura, Fumiaki Yamada, Takero Mori (JAEA)

5699Uncertainty Analysis for Lift-Forces on BWR Fuel Assemblies

Carl Adamsson (Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel), Carolin Holmkvist (Uppsala Univ)

5709Suppression of Chemical Reactivity of Sodium-Titanium Nano Fluid in Sodium-Water Vapor Reaction

Gunyeop Park, Soo Jae Kim, Hyun Soo Kim, Sun Ryung Oh, Hyun Sun Park, Moo Hwan Kim, Je Hyun Baek (POSTECH)

5720Comparison of Some Approaches for the Estimation of Tolerance Limits in the Context of LBLOCA Uncertainty Analysis

Jose Felipe Villanueva, Francisco Sánchez-Sáez, Ana Isabel Sánchez, Sebastián Martorell (Univ Politècnica de Valéncia)

Track 4: NPP Transient and Accident Analysis—IV

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

5734Ranking of Uncertain Parameters for Dynamic Event Tree Analysis: A Case Study based on a Station Blackout Scenario

Saidur Rahman, D. R. Karanki, A. Epiney, O. Zerkak, V. N. Dang (Paul Scherrer Inst)

5748Effects of ECCS on the Cold-Leg Fluid Temperature during SGTR Accidents

Tadashi Watanabe (Univ of Fukui)

5756A Dynamic Model of Hydrostatic Reactor Coolant Pump Seals for RELAP5/MOD3.3

Michael Anthony LaPresti, Naugab E. Lee, Ruben Espinosa, Michael Volodzko, Mie Azuma (Westinghouse)

5770Core Exit Thermocouple Response to Inadequate Core Cooling Using CFD Dynamic Mesh

Liping Cao, Josh Hartz, Hong Xu, Justin Figley (Westinghouse)

5784TRACG Analysis of Boiling Water Reactor Control Rod Drop Accident to Optimize Analysis Methodology

Dana C. Miranda, D. G. Vreeland, C. McElroy, J. Yang, J. Vedovi, J.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

8:00-9:00 a.m.

Thursday, Keynote Session—VII

5798Issues and Challenges on Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Research

Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI)

Thursday, Keynote Session—VIII

5816DNS Assisted Modeling of Bubbly Flows in Vertical Channels

G. Tryggvason, M. Ma, J. Lu (Univ of Notre Dame)

Thursday, Keynote Session—IX

5829A Regulator’s Perspective on the State-of-the-Art in Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics

Stephen M. Bajorek (NRC)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Poster Session—II

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

5840Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Mixing Factor in 2x2 Rod Bundles at Supercritical Pressures

Jinguang Zang, Xiao Yan, Daiquan Du, Xiaokang Zeng, Yanping Huang (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

5861Plateau Facility in Support to ASTRID and the SFR Program: An Overview of the First Mock-Up of the ASTRID Upper Plenum MICAS

D. Guénadou, I. Tkatschenko, P. Aubert (CEA)

5873Design of a Unit Cell Facility for Studies of the Prismatic VHTR Lower Plenum

D. Tyler Landfried, Paul Kristo, Mark Kimber (Univ of Pittsburgh)

5886GOTHIC 8.1 Benchmark to THAI Facility Experiment with Steam-Helium Stratification

T. Moore, T. L. George (Numerical Applications)

5900Hot Channel Analysis of a 333 MWth Civil Nuclear Marine Core using the COBRA-EN Code

Syed Bahauddin Alam, Benjamin A. Lindley, Geoffrey T. Parks (Univ of Cambridge)

5914CTF Application to BWR Modeling and Simulations

C. Gosdin, M. Avramova (Penn State), R. Salko (ORNL)

5928Experimental Investigation on Thermal-Hydraulics Behavior during a Station Blackout Transient in a Pressurized Water Reactor

K. H. Kang, Y. S. Park, J. R. Kim, B. U. Bae, N. H. Choi, K. Y. Choi (KAERI)

5937Loss of Coolant Flow Accident Analysis for Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactor

Yao Fu, Yang Yang, Yang Zou, Qaing Sun, Jie Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

5948Comparison and Analysis on Integral Small Modular Reactor with Two Different ESF Designs Response to Postulated Events

Guoxu Zhang, Heng Xie (Tsinghu Univ)

5962Instrumentation for Temperature and Heat Flux Measurement on a Solid Surface under BWR Operating Conditions

M. Bergagio, S. Hedberg, S. Rydström, Henryk Anglart (KTH)

5976Requirements Analysis and Research of Severe Accident Process Simulation Based on COS-SA Code and Emergency Decision Support

Xiong Yiqiang, Jing Liu, Haidan Wang, Gang Chen, Wei Bai, Huie Sha, Yixue Chen (SNPTC)

5986SOCRAT-BN Simulation of Siena Loss-of-Flow Experiments

Y. Y. Vinogradova, M. E. Kuznetsova, N. I. Ryzhov, V. N. Semenov, E. V. Usov, R. V. Chalyy (RAS)

5996Revisiting ISP-13 with RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.5 using Core SCDAP Components

J. Freixa, M. Perez-Ferragut, F. Reventos (UPC), C. M. Allison, J. K. Hohorst (ISS)

6008Comparison Analysis of CHF Parametric Trends in Vertical Tube and 5x5 Bundle

Shumiao Wang, Jianqiang Shan, Bo Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ), Xuemei Lang (NPIC)

6020Effects of Additives on CHF Behaviors for ERVC-IVR Strategy with FIRM Facility

Yang Sheng, Lu Wei, Hu Teng, Chang Huajian, (State Nuclear Power Research Inst)

6030RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD4.0 Modification for Transient Accident Scenario of Test Blanket Modules Involving Helium Flows into Heavy Liquid Metal

M. Perez, J. Freixa, , E. Mas de les Valls (Technical Univ of Catalonia), T. Sandeep, V. Chaudhari (Inst for Plasma Research)

6044Graphite Oxidation Rates in Comparison to Regimes with Application to the Oregon State Over University High Temperature Test Facility

Jorday Coy, Brian Woods, Matt Hertel Evan Peters (Oregon State Univ)

6055MARS Code Evaluation of Reflood Phenomena in a Partially-Deformed 5x5 Rod Bundle

B.  J. Kim, J. Kim, K. Kim, S. K. Moon, C.-H. Song (KAERI)

6064CTF Void Drift Validation

M. Gergar, M. Avramova (Penn State), R. Salko (ORNL)

6076Developments on High Pressure Two Phase Flow Measurement Techniques

H. Schmidt, L. Dennhardt, D. Hille, I. Ganzmann, O. Herbst, L. Klemm, M. Rehm, K. Umminger, E. Peter, D. Gordon (AREVA GmbH)

6088Flow Mixing Characteristics in Subchannels of a Wire-Wrapped 61-Pin Rod Assembly for a Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor

Hyungmo Kim, Dong-Won Lee, Yung Joo Ko, Seok-Kyu Chang, Sun Rock Choi, Hae Seob Choi, Hyeon Seok Woo, Dong-Jin Euh, Ji-Young Jeong, Hyeong-Yeon Lee (KAERI)

6096Experimental Study of Condensation Heat Transfer in the Presence of Noncondensable Gas on the Vertical Tube

Yeong-Jun Jang, Dong-Jae Choi, Yeon-Gun Lee (Jeju National Univ), Sin Kim, Dong-Wook Jerng (Chung-Ang Univ)

6110A Simple and Efficient Steam Generator Design for Integral SMRs

M. Ilyas, M, A. Khan (Pakistan Inst of Eng and Applied Sciences)

6116Study on the Improvement of TOPAZ-II System by using a Heat Pipe Radiator

Wenwen Zhang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, Guanghui Su (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

6130Preliminary Steady State and Transient Analysis of a Molten Salt Based Reactor using RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD4.0

Shuying Jiang, Maosong Cheng, Zhimin Dai, Guimin Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

6141Verification and Validation of a Fuel-Rod Temperature Analysis Code-BIRCH

J. L. Ruan, Y. B.  Zhu, J. G. Li (China Nuclear Power Technology Research Inst)

6155A Specialized Thermal-Hydraulic Code with Porous Media Model and SIMPLEC Algorithm for PB-FHRs

Yanzhi E, Yang Zou, Hongjie Xu, Shixiong Song, Jie Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

6169Experimental and Modeling Studies of Over-Cooling Transients in Fluoride-Salt Cooled High-Temperature Reactors

F. Carotti, M. Abou Dbai, K. Ahmed, R. O. Scarlat (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

6183Analysis on UCRW-ATWS in TMSR-SF1

Bo Xu, Yang Zou, Xiaohan Yu, Yao Fu, Qiang Sun, (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

6195An SBLOCA Test of Pressurizer Safety Valve Line Break with the SMART-ITL Facility and its MARS-KS Code Simulation

Hwang Bae, Sung Uk Ryu, Sung-Jae Yi, Hyun-Sik Park (KAERI), Yeon-Sik Cho, Jae-Seung Suh (System Eng and Technology)

6208Development of a Computational Model to Determine Performance of a Self-Priming Venturi Scrubber for Thorium Reactor

Paridhi Goel (Homi Bhabha National Inst), Avinash Moharana (BARC), A. K. Nayak (Homi Bhabha National Inst/BARC)

6217Effect of a Blockage Length on the Coolability during Reflood in a 2x2 Rod Bundle with a 90% Partially Blocked Region

Kihwan Kim, Byung-Jae Kim, Hae-Seob Choi, Sang-Ki Moon, Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI)

6229Anisotropic Azimuthal Power and Temperature Distribution as a Driving Force for Hydrogen Redistribution

M. G. Mankosa, C. J. Piotrowski, M. N. Avramova, A. T. Motta, K. N. Ivanov (Penn State), S. Stafford, R. L. Williamson (INL)

September 3, 2015

9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Track 7: Critical Heat Flux in Fuel Bundle: Modeling, Prediction, and Experimental Measurements—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6243Margins to Critical Heat Flux in Pressurized Water Reactors using Modern Thermal-Hydraulic Methods

Christophe Herer (IRSN)

6257Comparison of Experimental Critical Heat Flux Data to Prediction Methods for Conditions Prototypical of Light Water Small Modular Reactors

M. S. Greenwood, J. P. Duarte, M. Corradini (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

6271Experimental Study of Annular Two-Phase Flow on Rod-Bundle Geometry with Spacer

Son H. Pham, Zensaku Kawara, Takehiko Yokomine, Tomoaki Kunugi (Kyoto Univ)

6285Research of the Bundle CHF Prediction Based on the Minimum DNBR Point and the BO Point Methods

Wei Liu (Nuclear Power Inst of China), Jianqiang Shan (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

6297Research on Critical Heat Flux of PWR Fuel Assembly in NPIC

Shengjie Qin, Xuemei Lang, Shijie Xie, Junyi Zhang, Wenxing Liu, Wenbin Zhuo (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

6302Critical Heat Flux Experiment in Internally Heated Vertical Annulus at Low Flow and Low Pressure Conditions

G. Mayer, R. Nagy, I. Nagy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

6314The Sub-Criticality Level Effects in Operational Transients of Beam Interruption in Power and Startup in Accelerator Driven Systems

R. S. do Santos (CNEN/IEN/Inst Nacional de Ciencia)

Track 7: The NURESAFE European Project: Multiscale Thermal Hydraulic Analysis—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

6325DNS of Turbulent Convective Flow Boiling in a Channel

D. Metrailler, S. Reboux, D. Caviezel, D. Lakehal (ASCOMP GmbH)

6335Three-Dimensional Simulation of Flooding Waves in a Vertical Pipe

M. Tekavčič, B. Končar, I. Kljenak (Jožef Stefan Inst)

6349Uncertainty Evaluation of CFD Simulation using Optimal Statistical Estimator

A. Prosek, B. Končar, M. Leskovar, S. Košmrlj (Jožef Stefan Inst)

6360Near-Wall Turbulence-Bubbles Interactions in a Channel Flow at Reτ=400: A DNS/LES investigation

D. Metrailler, S. Reboux, D. Lakehal (ASCOMP GmbH)

6372CATHARE-TransAT Coupling for the Prediction of Boron Dilution in the Rocom Test Facility

J. Bao, S. Reboux, N. Pagan, D. Lakehal (ASCOMP GmbH)

6384Combined Evaluation of Bubble Dynamics, Polydispersion Model and Turbulence Modeling for Adiabatic Two-Phase Flows

Stephane Mimouni, M. Guingo, M. Hassanaly, J. Lavieville, N. Mechitoua, N. Mérigoux (EdF R&D)

Track 7: OECD/NEA Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6401Analysis of the Fukushima Daiichi NPP Unit 3 with MELCOR_2.1

L. Fernandez-Moguel, A. Rydl, B. Jaeckel (Scherrer Inst)

6412Thermal Hydraulic and Core Relocation Analysis on Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1

Tae Woon Kim, Sung Il Kim, Jinho Song, KwangSoon Ha, Kwangil Ahn (KAERI)

6425Effect of External Water Injection on Core Degradation and Fission Product Release in Fukushima Unit 1 Accident

Sung Il Kim, Tae Woon Kim, Kwang Soon Ha, Jinho Song (KAERI)

6435Recent Findings on the Damaged Reactors and Containment Vessels of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS

D. Yamada, S. Mizokami, T. Honda, D. Yamauchi, Y. Yamanaka (Tokyo Electric Power Co.)

6452ATHLET-CD/COCOSYS Analyses of Severe Accidents in Fukushima (Units 2 and 3) within the OECD/NEA BSAF Project, Phase 1

M. Sonnenkalb, S. Band (GRS GmbH)

Track 3: Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6466Assessment of the MELCOR and RELAP5-3D Code for Condensation in the Presence of Noncondensable Gas

Wen Fu (Tsinghua Univ), Dhongik Yoon, Michael L. Corradini, Mark H. Anderson (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

6480Simulations of High-Pressure Subcooled Boiling Flows in Rectangular Channels

R. Thakrar, J. Murallidharan, S. P. Walker (Imperial College London)

6494Analysis of Wave Influence on Steam Condensation with Non-Condensable Gases Using CFD

Xianmao Wang, Huajian Chang (Tsinghua Univ), Liyong Han (State Nuclear Power Technology R&D Center)

6504Heat Transfer Regime Calibration for Phase-Change Heat Exchangers in RELAP5-3D

R. P. Martin (B&W mPower, Inc), W. L. Weaver (Consultant)

6517Integrated Assessment of Thermal Hydraulic Processes in W7-X Fusion Experimental Facility

T. Kaliatka, E. Uspuras, A. Kaliatka (Lithuanian Energy Inst)

6530Interface Tracking Based Evaluation of Bubble Growth Rates in High Pressure Pool Boiling Conditions

J. Murallidharan, G. Giustini (Imperial College London), Y. Sato, B. Ničeno (PSI), V. Badalassi, S. P. Walker (Imperial College London)

Track 5: Fuel Coolant Interaction, Modeling and Experiments—I

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6543A Two-Scale Approach for Modeling the Corium Melt Fragmentation during Fuel-Coolant Interaction

S. Castrillon Escobar, R. Meignen, S. Picchi (IRSN), N. Rimbert, M. Gradeck (LEMTA, Univ)

6557Influence of Oxidation on Fuel Coolant Interaction

Matjaž Leskovar, Vasilij Centrih (Jožef Stefan Inst)

6569An Experimental Study on Void Generation Around Hot Metal Particle Quenched into Water Pool

Louis Manickam, Sachin Thakre, Weimin Ma (KTH)

6579Suppression Measures and Effective Triggering Retardant of Steam Explosions

Masahiro Furuya, Takahiro Arai (CRIEPI)

6590The Effect of Thermal Conditions and Jet Properties on Steam Explosion

I. Baruch (Ben-Gurion Univ of the Negev), G. Widenfeld (NRCN)

6601Intensification of Chemically Assisted Melt-Water Explosive Interactions

Anthony A. Sansone, Rusi P. Taleyarkhan (Purdue Univ)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (Verification and Validation)—IV

Session Organizer: W. David Pointer, Ph.D. (ORNL)

6614The Present State-of-the-Art Thermal Striping Studies for Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors

Seok-Ki Choi, Ji-Woong Han, Dehee Kim, Tae-Ho Lee (KAERI)

6625CFD Analysis of Upper Plenum Flow for a Sodium-Cooled Small Modular Reactor

A. Kraus, R. Hu (ANL)

6639Convection Heat Transfer Analysis and Correlation for Alkali Liquid Metals in Uniformly Heated Tubes

Timothy M. Schriener, Mohamed S. El-Genk (Univ of New Mexico)

6650Benchmark Analysis of Thermal Striping Phenomena in Planar Triple Parallel Jets Tests for Fundamental Validation of Fluid-Structure Thermal Interaction Code for Sodium-Cooled FastReactor

Masaaki Tanaka (JAEA), Kazuyoshi Nagasawa (NESI In-Corp)

6664Proposal of Benchmark Problem of Thermal Striping Phenomena in Planar Triple Parallel Jets Tests for Fundamental Code Validation in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Development

J. Kobayashi, M. Tanaka, S. Ohno, H. Ohshima, H. Kamide (JAEA)

6678CFD Investigation of Wire-Wrapped Fuel Rod Bundles and Flow Sensitivity to Bundle Size

L. M. Brockmeyer, F. S. Sarikurt, Y. A. Hassan (Texas A&M), E. Merzari (ANL)

Track 1: Natural Circulation, Passive Safety Systems and Related Phenomena—II

Session Organizer: Paolo Ferroni (Westinghouse)

6692Conceptual Design Approach of Passive Cooling Systems

C. Diakodimitris, P. A. Douxchamps, C. Angulo (Tractebel Eng), J. Engelen (SCK/CEN)

6704Boiled-Up Pool Heat Transfer for a Horizontal Tube Bundle

Robert E. Henry, Kevin Ramsden (Fauske and Assoc), John Freeman, Dan Lee (Exelon)

6717Natural Circulation Model and Performance Analysis of “SLIMM”—A Small, Modular Reactor

Denise Haskins, Mohamed S. El-Genk (Univ of New Mexico)

6731Single-Phase and Two-Phase Natural Convection in the McMaster Nuclear Reactor

A. S. Schneider, J. C. Luxat (McMaster Univ)

6745Temperature Profiles and Mixing in a Natural Circulation Cooling Facility via Distributed Optical Sensors

C. Tompkins, M. Corradini, M. Anderson (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

6757Experimental Investigation of a Scaled Reactor Cavity Cooling System with Air for the VHTR

M. A. Muci (Duke Energy), D. D. Lisowski (ANL), M. H. Anderson, M. L. Corradini (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

Track 5: Advanced Design Features for Severe Accident Mitigation

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6771Comparison of an Advanced Analytical Tool with the SIMMER Code to Support Astrid Severe Accident Mitigation Studies

N. Marie, A. Bachrata, F. Bertrand (CEA)

6783Assessment of Molten Pool Cooling Characteristics During LBLOCA for Advanced Passive PWR,

Lili Tong, Ge Shao (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ)

6793Analytical Simulation of In-Vessel Retention Strategy for VVER-1000/320 Reactor using MELCOR Code

J. Duspiva (UJV Rez, a. s.)

6807The Analysis of TRACE/FRAPTRAN in Ultimate Response Guideline for Lungmen ABWR Nuclear Power Plant

J. R. Wang (Natl Tsing Hua Univ/ INER), H. T. Lin (INER), Y. T. Lee, A. L. Ho, S. W. Chen, C. Shih (Natl Tsing Hua Univ)

6821A Study on Transient Heat Transfer of the EU-ABWR External Core Catcher using the Phase-Change Effective Convectivity Model

Chi-Thanh Tran (Vietnam Atomic Energy Inst), Viet-Hung Nguyen (Hanoi Unive of Science and Technology), Mika Tahara, Yoshihiro Kojima, Ryoichi Hamazaki (Toshiba Corp), Pavel Kudinov (Royal Inst of Technology)

Track 1: Multifield Two-Phase Flow Modeling—I

Session Organizer: Takashi Hibiki (Purdue Univ)

6835Turbulence-Induced Bubble Collision Force Model Development and Assessment for Adiabatic Dispersed Air-Water Two-Phase Flow with the Two-Fluid Model

S. L. Sharma, T. Hibiki, M. Ishii (Purdue Univ), C. S. Brooks (Univ of Illinois), J. P. Schlegel (Missouri Univ Sci Tech), Y. Liu (Virginia Polytechnic Inst and State Univ), J. R. Buchanan (Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp)

6849Liquid-Side Interfacial Heat Transfer in Inverted Annular Film Boiling

J. M. Kelly (NRC)

6863Validation and Cross-Verification of Three Mechanistic Codes for Annular Two-Phase Flow Simulation and Dryout Prediction

L. Sanmiguel Gimeno, S. P. Walker, G. F. Hewitt (Imperial College), J.-M. Le Corre (Westinghouse Electric Sweden), A. Dasgupta (BARC), M. Ahmad  (Pakistan Inst of Eng & Applied Sciences)

6876Numerical Study on Modeling of Liquid Film Flow under Countercurrent Flow Limitation in Volume of Fluid Method

T. Watanabe, T. Takata (Osaka Univ), A. Yamaguchi (Univ of Tokyo)

6890Development of a Post-Dryout Heat Transfer Model

Y.-J. Wang, C. Pan (Natl Tsing Hua Univ)

6904Derivation of a Generic Multi-Field Two-Fluid Model

Y. Liu (Virginia Tech),  J. D. Talley, K. J. Hogan, J. R. Buchanan, Jr. (Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp.)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactors

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6918Thermal Hydraulic Benchmarking Exercises to Support Fluoride-Salt-Cooled, High-Temperature Reactor (FHR) Licensing

N. Haneklaus, J. Kendrick, L. Huddar, N. Zweibaum, P. F. Peterson (Univ of California, Berkeley), J. Hughes, E. Blandford (Univ of New Mexico), Q. Lv, X. Sun (Ohio State), G. Yoder (ORNL)

6931Three-Dimensional Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a Transportable Fluoride-Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor

Chenglong Wang, Kaichao Sun, Lin-Wen Hu (MIT), Suizheng, Qiu, Dalin Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

6945Pseudo-3D Steady State Thermal-Hydraulic Modeling of the Advanced High Temperature Reactor Fuel Assembly

P. Avigni, B. Petrovic (Georgia Tech)

6959Disturbed Transient Analysis with Stable Operation Mode of TMSR-SF1

Minghai Li, Jie Zhang, Yang Zou, Yao Fu, Yang Yang (Shanghai Inst of Applied Physics/CAS)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

1:30-3:35 p.m.

Track 7: Addressing the GSI-191: Progress in Methodologies and Technologies—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

6969RoverD: Use of Test Data in GSI-191 Risk Assessment

Ernie Kee (Texas A&M), John Hasenbein, Alex Zolan (Univ of Texas, Austin), Phil Grissom (SNC), Seyed Reihani (Univ of Illinois, Champaign), Fatma Yilmaz (South Texas Project), Bruce Letellier (Alion Sci Technol), Vera Moiseytseva (YK.risk, LLC), David Imbaratto (PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant)

6983MELCOR and GOTHIC Analyses of a Large Dry Pressurized Water Reactor Containment to Support Resolution of GSI-191

B. Beeny, R. Vaghetto, K. Vierow, Y. A. Hassan (Texas A&M)

6998A Sensitivity Study Supporting Comparative Analysis of MELCOR and GOTHIC Large Dry Pressurized Water Reactor Containment Models

B. Beeny, R. Vaghetto, K. Vierow, Y. A. Hassan (Texas A&M)

7011Unique Challenges in Making a Regulatory Decision Regarding the Combined Effects of Boric Acid Precipitation and GSI-191

Ashley Guzzetta (NRC)

7021Viscous Inertial Shear-Transition-Adaptive (VISTA) Porous Media Head-Loss Formulation

Bruce Letellier, Mark Macali (Alion Sci Technol), Ernie Kee (Texas A&M)

Track 7: OECD/NEA Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant—III

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7033Overview and Outcomes of Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS (OECD/NEA BSAF Project)

Fumihisa Nagase (JAEA), Randall O. Gauntt (SNL), Masanori Naito (The Inst of Applied Energy)

7046Analysis of Fukushima Unit 2 Accident by Considering the Operating Condition of RCIC System and Torus Room Flooding

Sung Il Kim, Jong-Hwa Park, Kwang Soon Ha, Jinho Song (KAERI)

7055MAAP-MELCOR Crosswalk Phase 1 Study

David L. Luxat, Joshua T. Hanophy (ERIN Eng and Research, Inc.), Donald Kalanich, Randall O. Gauntt (SNL), Richard M. Wachowiak (EPRI), invited

7071EPRI MAAP5 Fukushima Daiichi Analysis

David L. Luxat, Jeff  R. Gabor (ERIN Eng and Research, Inc.), Richard M. Wachowiak, Rosa L. Yang (EPRI)

7087The Findings Obtained During the OECD/NEA BSAF Activity with the Employment of the SAMPSON Code

M. Naitoh, M. Pellegrini, A. Takahashi, H. Mizouchi, H. Suzuki (Inst of Applied Energy)

Track 7: CASL—Thermal-Hydraulics Activities in the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRS

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7101Mechanistic Modeling of Two-Phase Flow Around Spacer Grids with Mixing Vanes

B. M. Waite, D. R. Shaver, M. Z. Podowski, (RPI)

7115Interface Tracking Simulations of Bubbly Flows in the PWR Relevant Geometries

Jun Fang (NCSU), Michel Rasquin (ANL), Igor A. Bolotnov (NCSU)

7129Spectral Analysis of the Turbulent Energy Spectrum in Single and Two-Phase Bubbly Flows in Different Geometries Based on Direct Numerical Simulation Results

C. S. Brown, I. A. Bolotnov (NCSU)

7143Synthesis of CRUD and its Effects on Pool and Subcooled Flow Boiling

Carolyn Coyle, Jacopo Buongiorno, Thomas McKrell, Robert Cohen (MIT)

7154CTF Validation Activities

T. Blyth, C. Dances, M. Avramova (Penn State), R. Salko (ORNL)

Track 5: Fuel Coolant Interaction, Modeling and Experiments—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7168An Explanation of BORAX-1, SPERT-1 and the SL-1 Accident

Robert E. Henry (Fauske & Assoc), Michael Epstein (Fauske and Associates (Retired)), Hans K. Fauske (Fauske and Assoc)

7182Simulation of FARO L-28 and L-31 Tests to Assess Molten Jet Fragmentation Modeling in MAAP

A. Le Belguet, E. Beuzet, M. Torkhani (EdF R&D)

7196Heat Transfer Origin of Thermal Shock Fracture and Its Application for LWR Fuel during Reflood

Youho Lee, Hee Cheon No (KAIST)

7208Simulation of Ex-Vessel Melt Jet Breakup and Sensitivity on Model Parameters and Accident Conditions

Kiyofumi Moriyama, Hyun Sun Park (POSTECH)

7222Development of TEXAS-V Code Surrogate Model for Assessment of Steam Explosion Impact in Nordic BWR

D. Grishchenko, S. Basso, S. Galushin, P. Kudinov (KTH)

Track 3: Validation & Verification: General

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

7236Validation Test Plan of a CANDU-6 Moderator Tank Scaled-Down Test Facility

Bo W. Rhee, Hyoung T. Kim (KAERI), Michael D. Atkins, Tongbeum Kim (Univ of Witwatersrand)

7249Thermal Cycling Testing of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for High-Temperature Applications

Darius D. Lisowski, Craig D. Gerardi, Stephen W. Lomperski (ANL)

7261Assessment of RELAP5/MOD3.3 for Subcooled Boiling, Flashing and Condensation in a Vertical Annulus

Caleb S. Brooks (Univ of Illinois), William D. Fullmer (Univ of Colorado), Clayton D. Lietwiler (GSE Systems Inc.)

7272Initial Condition Effects on Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities and Development of a Round Jet

Amy B. McCleney, Philippe M. Bardet (The George Washington Univ)

7286Experimental Investigation on Transient Heat Transfer Characteristics of C-Shape Heating Rod Bundle used in PRHR HX

Yuhao Zhang, Daogang Lu, Guanghao Wu (North China Electric Power Univ), Zheng Du (State Nuclear Power Software Development Center of China)

Track 1: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals—VI

Session Organizer: Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

7297Interfacial Stability in Vertical Swirling Annular Two-Phase Flow

Li Liu, Bofeng Bai (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

7312Boiled-Up Level and Boiling Two-Phase Flow Dynamics in 5x5 Heated Rod Bundle during Boil-Off Process under Atmospheric Pressure Conditions

Takahiro Arai, Masahiro Furuya, Taizo Kanai, Kenetsu Shirakawa, Yoshihisa Nishi (CRIEPI)

7323Pulsed Injection Tracer Mixing in Annular Liquid Films

A. Saxena, J. Eiholzer, H.-M. Prasser (ETH Zurich)

7337Heat Transfer from Finned Surface in Downward-Facing Subcooled Flow Boiling

Abdul R. Khan, Nejdet Erkan, Koji Okamoto (Univ of Tokyo)

7347Quenching of a Heated Rod: Physical Phenomena and Heat Transfer

Arnab Dasgupta, P. P. Kulkarni, G. J. Gorade, D. K. Chandraker, A. K. Nayak, P. K. Vijayan (BARC), S. P. Walker (Imperial College, London)

Track 5: Modeling and Experiments of Severe Accidents—V

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7358Numerical Simulation of Anisotropic Ablation of Siliceous Concrete—Analysis of CCI-3 MCCI Experiment by MPS Method

Xin Li, Akifumi Yamaji (Waseda Univ)

7372The Energetics of Coolant-Bubble-Covergas Interactions Associated with LMR Out-Of-Reactor Source Term Experiments

John C. Petrykowski, Hmza Mohamed (Univ of Dayton)

7386RCIC Governing Equation Scoping Studies for Severe Accidents

Kyle Ross, Jeffrey Neil Cardoni (SNL)

7401Analysis of Metal Vessel Wall Ablation Experiment with High Temperature Liquid by MPS Method

Daisuke Masumura (Waseda Univ), Yoshiaki Oka (Tokyo Univ), Akifumi Yamaji (Waseda Univ), Masahiro Furuya (CRIEPI)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Lead-Cooled and Lead-Bismuth-Cooled Fast Reactors

Session Organizer: W. David Pointer, Ph.D. (ORNL)

7414European Outlook for LMFR Thermal Hydraulics

F. Roelofs, A. Shams (NRG), J. Pacio (KIT), V. Moreau (CRS4), P. Planquart (VKI), K. van Tichelen (SCK/CEN),  I. Di Piazza, M. Tarantino (ENEA)

7426Experimental Study on Natural Circulation and Gas Injection Enhanced Circulation in KYLIN-II Mixed Circulation Loop

Sheng Gao, Liuli Chen, Kefeng lv, Chenchong Yue, Qunying Huang, Yican Wu (Chinese Academy of Science/Jiangsu Higher Education Inst), Mariano Tarantino (ENEA)

7434Typical Accidents Analysis on the Loss of Flow and External Neutron Source Changing Accidents for a 800 MWth ADS

Tianyu Lu, Jianqiang Shan, Junli Gou, Bin Zhang, Bo Zhang, Li Ge, Yuan Yuan, Zijiang Yang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

7448Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Interaction Between Heavy Liquid Metal and Water for Supporting the Safety of LFR GEN. IV Reator Design

A. Del Nevo (ENEA), N. Giannini, A. Pesetti, N. Forgione (UNIPI)

7462Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Double Wall Bayonet Tubes Performances in Pool Type Integral Test Facility

D. Rozzia (Univ of Pisa), A. Del Nevo, M. Tarantino (ENEA)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in Supercritical Water Reactors

Session Organizers: Martin Rohde (Udelft), Xiaojing Liu (SJTU)

7472Experimental and Numerical Study on Heat Transfer of Supercritical Water Flowing Upward in 2x2 Rod Bundles

M. Zhao (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ/KIT), H. Y. Gu (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ), X. Chang (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ/KIT), H. B. Li (China Nuclear Power Technology Research Inst), Q. R. Yang (KIT)

7486CFD Simulation of Supercritical Flow and Heat Transfer in a Three Rod Wire Wrapped Bundle

K. Podila, Y. F. Rao (Canadian Nuclear Lab)

7496Development Heat Transfer Correlations for Supercritial CO2 in Natural Circulation Loop

Guangxu Liu, Yanping Huang, Junfeng Wang (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

4:00-6:30 p.m.

Track 7: Corium Research Platform: Past and Future—II

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7505FCI Test Results Under Conditions of the Partially Flooded Cavity and the Flooded Reactor in the TROI

S. W. Hong, Y. S, Na, S. H. Hong, J. H. Song, (KAERI)

7518Past and Future R&D at IRSN on Corium Progression and Related Mitigation Strategies in a Severe Accident

Jacquemain Didier, Vola Didier, Meignen Renaud, Jean Michel Bonnet, Fichot Florian, Raimond Emmanuel, Marc Barrachin (IRSN)

7537Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Ex-Vessel Prediction: Core Melt Spreading

M. T. Farmer (ANL), K. R. Robb, M. W. Francis (ORNL)

7552Corium-Related Improvements in the EDF Version of MAAP Code in the Frame of Severe Accident Studies

E. Beuzet, N. Bakouta, M. Boissavit, F. Haurais, A. L. Belguet, V. Lombard, M. Torkhani (EdF R&D)

7568VESTA Test Facility for Severe Accident Researches at KAERI

Hwan Yeol Kim, Sang Mo An, Jaehoon Jung, Kwang Soon Ha, Jin Ho Song (KAERI)

7578Core Melt Stabilization Concepts for Existing and Future LWRs and Associated R&D Needs

Manfred Fischer (AREVA GmbH), Sevostian V. Bechta (KTH), Vladimir V. Bezlepkin (ATOMPROECT Enterprise of ROSATOM State Corp), Ryoichi Hamazaki (Toshiba Corp), Alexei Miassoedov (KIT)

Track 8: Advancements in the Prediction of DNB with CFD–Panel

Session Organizer: Emilio Baglietto (MIT)

7593Computational Multi-Fluid Dynamics Predictions of DNB

S. Mimouni (EdF R&D)

7608Use of CFD to Predict Critical Heat Flux in Rod Bundles

Z. E. Karoutas, Y. Xu, L. David Smith III, P. F. Joffre, Y. Sung (Westinghouse)

Track 7: Design, Analysis and Testing of Micro-, Mini and Other Small-Diameter Channel Heat Exchangers

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7621Fabrication and Testing of a High-Temperature Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

Minghui Chen, Xiaodong Sun, Richard N. Christensen (Ohio State), Isaac Skavdahl, Vivek P. Utgikar (Univ of Idaho), Piyush Sabharwall (INL)

7637Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger Design, Analysis and Experiment

Seungjoon Baik, Seong Gu Kim, Seongmin Son, Hyeon Tae Kim, Jeong Ik Lee (KAIST)

7647Modeling the Mechanical Integrity of Airfoil Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers

Ian Jentz, Mark Anderson (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

7658CFD Modeling of Sodium-Oxide Deposition in Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Compact Heat Exchangers

E. Tatli, J. P. Mazzoccoli, P. Ferroni (Westinghouse)

7673Preliminary Structural Assessment of a Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger with S-Shaped Fins

X. Zhang, X. Sun, R. N. Christensen (Ohio State), M. Anderson (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

7687Experimental and Numerical Activities in Support of the Design of ASTRID Sodium-Gas Heat Exchanger

F. Vitillo, X. Jeanningros, L. Cachon, C. Galati, P. Olympio, S. Madeleine (CEA Cadarache)

Track 1: Flow-Induced Vibration in Reactor Components

Session Organizer: Wade R. Marcum (Oregon State Univ)

7701Comprehensive Characterization of Motion of a Helical Structure Due to Flow Induced Vibration

P. L. Harmon, W. R. Marcum (Oregon State Univ)

7714Impact of Flow Induced Vibration Acoustic Loads on the Design of the Peach Bottom Replacement Steam Dryer

David R. Forsyth, Leslie F. Wellstein, Robert C. Theuret, David A. Suddaby (Westinghouse), John Rommel, Ken Ainger (Exelon Generation Co.)

7725Numerical Prediction of Flow Induced Vibrations in Nuclear Reactor Applications

E. ter Hofstede (NRG/TU Delf) A. Shams (NRG), A. H. van Zuijlen (TU Delft)

7736Symbolic Dynamics Applied in the Identification of Flow Patterns Inside Tube Banks

Alexandre Vagtinski de Paula, Sergio Viçosa Möller, (UFRGS)

7749Surrogate Spacer Grid Design for Fluid-Structure Interactions Studies in Fuel Bundles

Noah A. Weichselbaum, Shadman Hussain, Pierre Korysko, Morteza Rahimi-Abkenar, Philippe M. Bardet, Majid T. Manzari (The George Washington Univ)

Track 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics—IV

Session Organizer: Si Young Lee (SRNL)

7764CFD Analysis of Flowing Field in 5x5 Rod Bundle with Multi-Grids

J. B. Zhao, X.  Y. Zhang, L. Qiao (South China Univ of Technology)

7776Towards the Development of a Full-Scale Transient CFD Model to Simulate the Static and Dynamic in-Core Mass Flux Distribution in a Classical German PWR

Dong-Yuan Sheng (Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB), Marcus Seidl (E.ON Kernkraft GmbH)

7792A Review of AREVA’s Experimental Validation of State-of-the-Art Single-Phase CFD Methods with Application to PWR Fuel Analysis and Design

A. Hatman, A. Chatelain, K. Goodheart, M. Martin, T. Keheley (AREVA Inc.)

7806Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in the Core Bypass Region of a PWR

I. Clifford, A. Vasiliev, O. Zerkak, H. Ferroukhi, A. Pautz (Paul Scherrer Inst)

7820Single-Phase and Two-Phase CFD Simulations of the Coolant Flow Inside a Bruce/Darlington CANDU Flow Channel

F. Abbasian, G. I. Hadaller, R. A. Fortman (Stern Laboratories Inc.)

7830Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmark using AP1000® 1/4-Scale Upper Head Test Data

William L. Moody, Teresa A. Bissett, Yiban Xu, Gregory A. Meyer (Westinghouse)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors—I

Session Organizer: Dr. Elia Merzari (ANL)

7844Analysis on Anticipated Transient Without SCRAMS (ATWS) Accidents of the HTR-10GT

Minggang Lang, Yujie Dong (Tsinghua Univ)

7858Analyses of LOCAs in the Primary Heat Transfer System of the Helium Cooled Pebble Bed Blanket Concept

Bruno Gonfiotti, Sandro Paci (Univ of Pisa), Dario Carloni, Lorenzo V. Boccaccini (KIT)

7872Numerical Solution of Heat Transfer Process in a Prismatic VHTR Considering Core Bypass Flow and Cross Flow

Li Wang, Qiusheng Liu, Katsuya Fukuda (Kobe Univ)

7886Modeling of the Thermal Hydraulics of Very-High-Temperature Reactors with the System Code ATHLET

D. von der Cron, H. V. Hristov, A. Seubert (GRS)

7900Concept Design and Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis for Helium-Cooled ADS

Tianji Peng, Zhiwei Zhou, Xuanyu Sheng (Tsinghua Univ), Long Gu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

7913Study of Abnormal Heat Transfer during Forced and Natural Convection Scenarios in a Prismatic Core of a VHTR: Numerical and Experimental Results

Francisco I. Valentin, Narbeh Artoun (City College of New York), Ryan Anderson (Montana State Univ), Masahiro Kawaji (City College of New York/The CUNY Energy Inst)

Track 2: Computational Thermal-Hydraulics: General

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

7927Improvement and Validation of the Wall Heat Transfer Package of RELAP5/MOD3.3

Xiaofei Xiong, Jianqiang Shan, Junli Gou (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

7941Development of a Thermal-Mechanical-Material Behavior Analysis Code for the Dispersion-Plate-Type Fuel

Yingwei Wu, Qing Lu, Yangbin Deng, Dalin Zhang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, Guanghui Su (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

7954Computational Analysis of Bubble Micro-Layer in Sub-Cooled Boiling

Eyitayo James Owoeye, DuWayne Schubring (Univ of Florida)

7967On the Application of Wall Boiling Models to Prediction of Subcooled Flow Boiling using EAGLE Code

N. H. Hoang, I. C. Chu, D. J. Euh, C. H. Song (Korea Univ of Science and Technology/KAERI)

7981CFD Analyses of Main Flow Penetration Depth in Isolated Branch Lines

Brandon LaFleur, Victor Petrov, Annalisa Manera (Univ of Michigan)

7993Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Modeling of Thin Plates

C. J. Jesse, J. C. Kennedy, G. L. Solbrekken (Univ of Missouri, Columbia)

Track 5 Modeling and Experiments of Severe Accidents—VI

Session Organizer: Elia Merzari (ANL)

8007Methodology using MELCOR2.1/SNAP to Establish an SBO Model of Chinshan BWR/4 Nuclear Power Plant

Yu Chiang (Natl Tsing Hua Univ), Jong-Rong Wang (Natl Tsing Hua Univ/Nuclear and New Energy Education and Research Foundation), Hao-Tzu Lin (INER), Shao-Wen Chen (Natl Tsing Hua Univ), Chunkuan Shih (Natl Tsing Hua Univ/Nuclear and New Energy Education and Research Foundation)

8021Simulation of Orientation Effects on Critical Heat Flux in Downward-Facing Channel for IVR

K. Shirvan, R. Azizian (MIT)

8035Severe Accident Progression in the BWR Lower Plenum and the Modes of Vessel Failure

B. R. Sehgal, S. Bechta (KTH)

8046Experimental Investigation of Debris Bed Agglomeration  and Particle Size Distribution using WO3-ZRO2 Melt

Paval Kudinov, Dmitry Grishchenko, Alexander Konovalenko, K. Karbojian (KTH), S E. Yakush (RAS)

8055Experiments and Modeling of Particulate Debris Spreading in a Pool

A. Konovalenko (KTH), S. Basso, P. Kudinov (KTH)

Track 1: Fundamental Thermal-Hydraulics: GeneraI—II

Session Organizer: Xiaodong Sun (Ohio State)

8069Large Scale BWR Containment LOCA Response Test at the INKA Test Facility

Thomas Wagner (AREVA GmbH), Stephan Leyer (Univ du Luxembourg)

8080Blind and Aftermath Numerical Analyses of Supercritical Water Flow and Heat Transfer in 1/12 of 7-Rod Bundle with Spacers

P. Mühlbauer, O. Frybort,  K. Gregor (Research Centre Rez)

8092Numerical Simulation of Supercritical Pressure Fluids with Variable Turbulent Prandtl Number and Modified Damping Function (1/2)

Y. Y. Bae, E. S. Kim, M. H. Kim (KAERI)

8106Computational Fluid Dynamics Assessment of Emergency Core Cooling System Check Valves at Comanche Peak

Brian M. Golchert, Thomas Loebig, James Wyble III (Westinghouse), Andrea Lemons (Luminant)

8116Numerical Simulation on Melting and Solidification Based on Lagrangian Approach

Jin-Biao Xiong, Hong-Yan Wang, Xu Cheng, Yan-Hua Yang (Jiao Tong Univ)

Friday, September 4, 2015

8:00-9:00 a.m.

Friday Keynote Session—X

8129Status and Challenges of Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics Research in China

X. Cheng (KIT/SNPRI), Y. H. Yang (SJTU/SNPRI)

Friday Keynote Session—XI

8141Progress of Thermal Hydraulic Evaluation Methods and Experimental Studies on a Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor and Its Safety

H. Kamide, H. Ohshima, T. Sakai, M. Tanaka (JAEA)

Friday Keynote Session—XII

8156U.S. DOE Severe Accident Research Following the Fukushima Daiichi Accidents

M. T. Farmer (ANL), M. Corradini (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), J. Rempe (Rempe and Assoc, LLC), R. Reister, D. Peko (DOE)

Friday, September 4, 2015

9:30-12:00 p.m.

Track 7: Critical Heat Flux in Fuel Bundle:  Modeling, Prediction and Experimental  Measurements—II

8165Critical Heat Flux with Subcooled Flowing Water in Tubes for Pressures from Atmosphere to Near-Critical Point

Y. Chen, K. Bi, C. Yang, M. Zhao, K. Du (China Institute of Atomic Energy)

8177A Consideration of Experimental Uncertainties for Predicting CHF in Rod Bundles

Dae-Hyun Hwang, Seong-Jin Kim, Hyuk Kwon, Kyong-Won Seo (KAERI)

8189Study on CHF Correlation for PWR at Low Pressure Conditions Based on Stepwise Regression Analysis

Yin Yuan (Shenzhen Univ), Fu Xian-Gang (CNPRI), Zhu Yuanbing, Kong Xiangyin, Li JingGang (CNPRI)

8201Numerical Study on the Effects of Vane Angle and Dimple on the Thermal Hydraulic Performance of a PWR Fuel Assembly

Hui Zhang, Bao-Wen Yang, Bin Zhang, Bin Han (X'an Jiaotong Univ), Yanping Huang (CNNC)

8212Heat Loss Simulation and Uncertainty Analysis in Fuel Bundle CHF and Other Large Scale Thermal-Hydraulic Experiments

Aiguo Liu, Bao-Wen Yang, Sipeng Wang, Yudong Zha (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

8226Improvement of Mixing Vane Crossflow Model in Subchannel Analysis

Hu Mao, Bao-Wen Yang, Jianqiang Shan, Bo Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

Track 7: Advances in System Thermal-Hydraulics Modeling and Code Development

Session Organizer:  Elia Merzani

8237A Strongly Coupled Reactor Core Isolation Cooling System Model for Extended Station Blackout Analyses

Haihua Zhao, Ling Zou, Hongbin Zhang, Richard C. Martineau (INL)

8251Development of a Multiple Liquid Component Capability in GOTHIC to Better Support Boric Acid, Radiological, and GSI-191 Analyses

J. W. Lane, T. L. George (Numerical Application)

8265Development, Validation and Assessment of the TRACE Thermal-Hydraulics Systems Code

S. M. Bajorek,  M. Bernard, C. Gingrich,  C. L. Hoxie, A. Ireland,  J. Kelly, J. Mahaffy, C.  Murray, J. Spore, J. Staudenmeier, M. Thurgood, K. Tien, J. Whitman (NRC)

8279Development of a Coupled Code System Based on SPACE Safety Analysis Code and RAST-K Three-Dimensional Neutronics Code

Seyun Kim, Eunki Lee, Yo-Han Kim, Dong-Hyuk Lee (Central Research Inst/Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.)

8293Recent Developments for the SAS4A/SASSYS-1 Safety Analysis Code

T. H. Fanning, J. W. Thomas, T. Sumner, A. J. Brunett (ANL)

8305Recent Improvements in the SPACE Code

Kyung Doo Kim, S. W. Lee, S. W. Bae, B. J. Kim, J. S. Heo, J. H. Lee, B.U. Bae, B. D. Chung (KAERI)

Track 1: Boiling and Condensation Fundamentals—III

Session Organizer: Caleb S. Brooks (Univ of Illinois)

8319Condensation Heat Transfer Coefficient Correlation based on Slip Ratio Model in a Horizontal Heat Exchanger

Seok Kim, Sung Uk Ryu, Seung Tae Lee, Dong-Jin Euh, Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI)

8331Direct Condensation and Entrainment Steam Experiments at the TOPFLOW-DENISE Facility

T. Seidel, M. Beyer, D. Lucas (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

8339Experimental Study of Boiling Initiation on a Smooth Heating Surface

Hang Jin Jo, Moriyama Kiyofumi, Hyunwoo Noh, Hyun Sun Park (POSTECH), Moo Hwan Kim (POSTECH/KINS)

8347A Generalized Correlation for Steam Condensation Rates in the Presence of Air-Helium Mixture

A. Dehbi (Scherrer Inst)

8360Wall Superheat Prediction in Narrow Rectangular Channels Under Fully Developed Boiling of Water at Low Pressures

A. Ghione, P. Vinai, C. Demaziere (Chalmers Univ of Techn), B. Noel (CEA)

8374Fundamental Experiments of Condensation Heat Transfer on Water Jets in the Presence of Noncondensable Gas

F. X. Buschman, D. L. Aumiller (BAPL), L. E. Hochreiter, F. B. Cheung, D. K. Johnson, M. J. Meholic, D. J. Skilone (Penn State Univ)

Track 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics—V,

Session Organizer: Si Young Lee (SRNL)

8386Numerical Analysis of Influence of Branch Flow on Thermal Mixing in a T-Junction Piping System

Karthick Selvam, Rudi Kulenovic, Eckart Laurien (Univ of Stuttgart)

8400Thermal Hydraulic Analysis in Reactor Vessel Internals Considering Irradiation Heat

Sungje Hong, Kunwoo Yi, Jin Huh, Inyoung Im, Eunkee Kim (KEPCO Engineering and Construction Co.. Inc.)

8412A Structure-Based Approach for Topological Resolution of Coherent Turbulence: Overview and Demonstration

Giancarlo Lenci, Emilio Baglietto (MIT)

8426CFD Analysis of Turbulent Mixed Convection Upward Flow of Supercritical Water in a Vertical Tube

Vladimir Agranat (Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis), Michael Malin (Concentration, Heat and Momentum Limited), Rand Abdullah, Igor Pioro (Univ of Ontario Inst of Tech)

8440Developments and Applications of TRACE/CFD Model of Maanshan PWR Pressure Vessel

Yu-Ting Ku, Yung-Shin Tseng, Jung-Hua Yang, Shao-Wen Chen, Jong-Rong Wang, Chunkuan Shin (Natl Tsing Hua Univ)

8454Simulations of ECC Safety Injection for Single Phase and Stratified Phase Flow

Kai Wang, Rong Cai, Wuyue Ren, Suizheng Qiu, Wenxi Tian, G.H. Su, Ronghua Chen (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

Track 6: Thermal Hydraulics in High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors—II

Session Organizer: W. David Pointer, Ph.D. (ORNL)

8466Heat and Dust Transport in a Pebble Bed HTR

Jayaraju, S.T., Shams, A., Roelofs, F. (NRG)

8480An Experimental Investigation of Thermal Loading on a Plate from Parallel Triple Jet

Paul J. Kristo, D. Tyler Landfried, Mark L. Kimber (Univ of Pittsburgh)

8492Effect of End Plate on the Flow Crossing a Yawed Circular Cylinder

Hui Liang, Sheng-Yao Jiang, Ri Qiang Duan (Tsinghua Univ)

8506Analytical Modeling of a Scaled Reactor Cavity Cooling System (RCCS) with Air

Y. Aharon (Nuclear Research Center Negev), M. Muci, C. Tompkins, M. Anderson, M. Corradini (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

8519Role of Radiation Heat Transfer in Cooling of a Scaled Model of a Prismatic Graphite Core in a VHTR

Francisco Ivan Valentin, Masahiro Kawaji (City College of New York)

8533Uncertainty Quantification of Calculated Temperatures for Advanced Gas Reactor Fuel Irradiation Experiments

Binh T. Pham, Grant L. Hawkes, Jeffrey J. Einerson (INL)

Track 1: Natural Circulation, Passive Safety Systems and Related Phenomena—III

Session Organizer:  Paolo Ferroni (Westinghouse)

8547Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow Structure and Heat Transfer During High Pressure Condensation in a Declined Pipe at COSMEA Facility

Thomas Geissler, Uwe Hemple (Technische Univ Dresden), Rita Szijarto (Scherrer Inst), Matthias Beyer (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR)), Horst-Michael Prasser (Scherrrer Inst), Stephan Leyer (technische Hochschule Deggendorf), Markus Walther (AREVA GmbH)

8561Experimental Investigation and Flow Visualization of Steam Condensation in a Scaled IRWST-ADS  Simulator

Suleiman Al Issa, Raphael Macian-Juan (Technische Univ Muchen), Gonzalo Jiminez, Cesar Queral, Javier Monero-Mayorga (Univ Politecnica Madrid)

8575Investigation of Operational Charactistics of Passive Containment Cooling System for an Advanced PWR

Zheng Huang, Huimin Zhang, Weimin Ma, Qiaoyan Chen, Xiaofeng Han (China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.)

8589CFD Simulation of Natural Convection Cooling After a Loss-of-Flow Transient

A. Kraus, R. Hu (ANL)

8603Natural Convective Heat Transfer from a Heated Slender Vertical Tube in a Cylindrical Tank

Lin Xian, Guangming Jiang, Hongxing Yu (Nuclear Power Inst of China)

Track 7: Research Progress of Large Advanced PWR Program in China

Session Organizer: Dr. Elia Merzari (ANL)

8616Experimental and Theoretical Research on Liquid Entrainment in AP1000 ADS Blow-Down Phase of SBLOCA

S.Z. Qiu, D.C. Sun, W. Tian, Y. Xiang, G.H. Su (Xi’an Jiao Tong Univ), P. Zhang (SNPTRD)

8630ADS-IRWST Transient Evaluation Model for AP1000 SBLOCA Analysis

Han Wang (State Nuclear Power Technology R&D Center), Peipei Chen (State Nuclear Power Technology Corp)

8643Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Staggered Arrangement Helically Finned-Tube Bundle

Jiangtao Yu, Di Lin Liu, Wenxi Tian, M. Y. Zheng, Yingwei Wu, G. H. Su, S. Z. Qiu (Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)

8657Experimental Methods of the PCCS Containment Wall Condensation with Non-Condensable Gas

Cheng Li, Zhan Gao, Shan Zhou, Hongsen Li, Wangfang Du, Wei Zhao, Lin Yang (Chinese Nuclear Power Technology Corp. R&D Centre)

8669Experimental Investigation of CCFL in Pressurizer Surge Line with Air-Water

Z.W. Wang, W. X. Tian, J. T. Yu, D. L. Zhang, G. H. Su, S. Z. Qiu, R.H. Chen (Xi’an Jiao Tong Univ), B. Dong (State Nuclear Power Software Development Center)

8683Experiment of Condensation in T-Junction: Steam-Water Flow in Water-Injected Condition

W. Y. Ren, G.J. Yu, J.W. Bian, W.X. Tian, G.H. Su, S.Z. Qiu (Xi’an Jiao Tong Univ), X.L. Fu (SNPSDC/NKLNPS)

Track 1: Multifield Two-Phase Flow Modeling—II

Session Organizer: Takashi Hibiki (Purdue Univ)

8695Film-Droplet Split Correlation at the Onset of Annular-Mist Flow

S. Oh, B. Hizoum, P. Saha , B. Dooies, D. Miranda (GE Hitachi Nuclear), J. G. M. Andersen (Consultant)

8707Numerical Calculation of the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Fuel Cladding with Dirt at Low Coolant Speed

S. H.  Yin, X. Y. Zhang, A. Q. Liu (South China Univ of Techn)

8720Modifications of Critical Heat Flux Models on Horizontal Surfaces in Pool Boiling Using Interfacial Instabilities of Viscous Potential Flows

Jong Hyuk Lee, Byung Jae Kim, Kyung Doo Kim (KAERI)

8732Analysis and Applications of a Generalized Multi-Field Two Fluid Approach for Plunging Jet Configuration

E. Krepper, D. Lucas (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), F. Zidouni (USTHB)

8744Effect of Viscosity on a Well-Posed One-Dimensional Two-Fluid Model for Wavy Two-Phase Flow Beyond the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability: Limit Cycles and Chaos

Martin Lopez de Bertodano (Purdue Univ), William D. Fullmer (Univ of Colorado, Boulder)

8757On Well-Posedness and Stability of the Two-Fluid Model for Vertical Bubbly Flows

A. Vaidheeswarn, M. Lopez de Bertodano (Purdue Univ), W. D. Fullmer (Univ of Colorado, Boulder)

Track 2: Plant System Code Development

Session Organizer: Tomasz Kozlowski (Univ of Illinois)

8768Description of an Improved Turbomachinery Model to be Developed in the CATHARE3 Code for Astrid Power Conversion System Application

G. Mauger, F. Bentivoglio, N. Tauveron (CEA)

8782Improvement of RELAP5 Models for Condensation of Steam and Steam-Gas Mixture in Horizontal and Inclined Tubes

P. Kral (UJV Rez, a. s.)

8796Analysis of Protected RIA and LOFA in Plate Type Research Reactor Using Coupled Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics System Code

Marat Margulis, Erez Gilad (Ben-Gurion Univ of the Negev)

8809ASTEC Simulation of a SBO with Re-Flood in a German KONVOI NPP

Florian Gremme, Marco K. Koch (Ruhr-Univ Bochum)

8822Commercial Grade Dedication of RELAP5-3D©

D. Prelewicz (Information Systems Laboratories, Inc.), B. Wolf, C. Delfino (NuScale Power, LLC.)

8831Evaluation of Thales Subchannel Code Behavior for Loss of Flow and RCP ROTOR Seizure Scenarios

Kang Hoon Moon (KNFC), Erdal Ozdemir (KINGS), Seung J. Oh (KEPCO INGS), Yongdeog Kim (KHNP CRI)